Sartorius pipettes of the Biohitfamily, both mechanical and electronic, are appreciated the world over for their user friendliness and accuracy, as well as their attractive, yet practical, design. They are used across the globe in research institutes, universities, healthcare and industrial laboratories.

Why Choose a Sartorius Pipette?

  • Ergonomic pipettes reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • High accuracy and precision ensure reliable pipetting results
  • Their award-winning design combines top-class functionality and ergonomics along with a sleek, appealing look

Electronic Pipettes

Sartorius electronic pipettes are ideal tools to accompany you in daily, repetitive liquid handling, when the accuracy of your results, speed and ergonomics are mission-critical.

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Mechanical Pipettes

Sartorius mechanical pipettes provide you with ease of use and comfort in your manual pipetting tasks. You may choose the pipette of your liking from the various models we offer to suite your specific needs and applications.

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Low Retention Tips – Maximize Your Sample Recovery

Pipette and Tip Certificates

To find Sartorius pipette and tip certificates in PDF format, click on the yellow button below. 

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Ergonomics, Reliability and Design

Three key factors – ergonomics, reliability and design are the cornerstones in the development of our pipettes.

  • Because we understand the risks of repetitive pipetting, we focus on ergonomic design in every product we make. When designing a pipette, we always consider the shape and function of the human hand. Simply put, you can use our liquid handling instruments in a comfortable posture and with minimum effort and strain.
  • The key features of a pipette are accuracy and precision. For this reason, we have used the latest technologies, along with in-house innovations, to achieve absolutely reliable pipetting results. Our electronic brake, piston control system and plate tracker for electronic pipettes are our most recent innovations, ensuring the highest accuracy and precision.
  • We provide products with a timeless and lightweight, yet practical, design, suitable for laboratory environments and appealing to users. The latest addition to our product family, the Picus electronic pipette, and German Design Award Special Mention in 2014.

Pipetting Academy – Training for Users

Our Pipetting Academy will train pipette users to obtain the best performance, ergonomics and protection against RSI.

  • Learn about pipetting techniques and other factors that influence pipetting results
  • Gain a better understanding of the ergonomic risk factors in pipetting
  • Learn how to avoid these risks in your work and how to improve your results

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Instrument Services

Sartorius provides a comprehensive list of calibration, maintenance and repair services  to extend the lifetime and ensure the continuous accuracy and precision of your liquid handling instruments.

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