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Sartorius bottle-top dispensers and burettes are safe, convenient, and customizable. They fit perfectly for a wide range of dispensing needs.

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Bottle-Top Dispenser Features

Chemical Resistance

Prospenser and Prospenser Plus offer​ excellent chemical resistance thanks​ to their high-quality materials. The​ ceramic piston is chemically stable and​ compatible with an extremely wide​range of liquids.

Easy to Use

Prospenser and Prospenser Plus​ have an incremental volume setting​ enabling you to set the exact volume​ every time.​ The aspiration tube is easy to attach​ with a secure threaded connection.​ This prevents air entering the system​ and ensures consistent results.


Valves can be easily cleaned or replaced by the user so there is no need to send the​ unit to be serviced. Prospenser and Prospenser Plus are​ easy to disassemble for cleaning and​ are fully autoclavable.

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Prospenser Plus

High quality bottle-top dispenser with excellent chemical resistance and advanced features like media recirculation. It’s convenient and customizable.

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High quality bottle-top dispenser with excellent chemical resistance and perfect for a wide range of dispensing need.

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Digital burette equipped with sophisticated functions for easy titration and high chemical resistance. The dispensed volume is easy to read from the digital display.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

They can be attached to multiple different types of bottles. All produtcs have 3 adapters included in the sales package, which cover most of the bottles used in a laboratory. Additional adapters for special bottles can be purchased separately. See product pages for more information. For additional stability during use a bottle support can be used, see bottle-top accessories for more information.

They have piston aspirating liquid through aspiration tube, directly from the bottle, which is then dispensed through dispensind head. Piston is in direct contact with the liquid, which makes it extremely important to have good chemical compatibility.

When you first attach a bottle-top dispenser to a bottle and immerse the aspiration tube into the liquid, the liquid pathway inside the unit is full of air. Priming means replacing the air with liquid, to allow the dispenser to work. Priming can be as simple as pumping the piston up and down multiple times, as long as no more air bubbles are visible inside the unit or at the dispensing head. Prospenser Plus has media recirculation system, which circulates the media back to bottle, meaning that you will not loose the media used to prime the unit.

Proper pre-rinsing, or priming, of the bottle top dispenser is important for accurate use. It's normal to have a bubble next to the piston. As long as the priming is done properly and there is no bubbles in the circulation system and exiting from the dispensing head the device will dispense accurately and precisely.

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