Pipette Controllers

Pipette controllers are used to control aspiration and dispensing when using serological pipettes. The electronic motor allows quick and easy aspiration and controlled dispensing.

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Pipette Controller Features

Controlled aspiration and dispensing

With Midi Plus you are in control. Aspiration and dispensing speed can easily be controlled by using the adjustment wheel and fine-tuned by adjusting finger pressure on the operating buttons.​

Save bench space by using the fold-out stand

The integrated fold-out stand saves bench space and is convenient to use. While Midi Plus is resting on the stand, the glass or plastic pipette is kept off from the table surface helping to avoid contamination.

Compatible with wide range of pipettes and tips​

Midi Plus is compatible with commonly used glass or plastic pipettes in the 1 – 100 ml volume range. With adapters, sold separately, Midi Plus can also be used with 5ml and 10ml Optifit tips.

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Midi Plus Pipette Controller

Midi Plus is a lightweight and easy-to-use pipette controller for serological pipettes. Midi Plus offers a cordless battery-operated option for pipette filling. It fits all commonly used 1-100 mL glass or plastic serological pipettes but can also be used with Sartorius 5mL and 10mL disposable tips (adapter sold separately).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pipette controllers are used to control the liquid flow when using serological pipettes.

Pipette controllers do not measure the liquid. The accuracy and precision comes from serological pipettes (graduation on the side) and the user.

There is an electronic motor connected to a pump that creates a vacuum to aspirate liquid into the serological pipette.

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