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Ingenix Suite - Ingenuity in the Lab

Lab Data & Fleet Management Software with Ingenix Suite

Simplifying Lab Life: Increased Lab Efficiency, Data Quality and Regulatory Compliance

The Ingenix Suite of lab data and fleet management software is the evolution needed in your lab balance workflow. A flexible, open solution that works with or without an ELN/LIM system, the Ingenix Suite can connect to any balance in your lab to provide a single source for lab tool information.

Enjoy increased efficiency with the elimination of manual steps. Centralized and automated data transfer, job management and instrument-generated reports (balances, pipettes, etc.) means faster output with less interference.

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The Ingenix Suite Offers:

Ingenix Suite Balance Fleet Manager Module

With unlimited connections, you can easily manage your entire Cubis® II MCA lab balance fleet across all labs within the same network.

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Ingenix Suite Balance External Calibration Module

Single point-of-truth: check balance calibrations regularly and digitally manage weight sets for your Cubis® II MCA lab balances.

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Ingenix Suite Pipette Check Module

No more uncertainty. Quickly check pipette performance whenever the need arises, giving you the possibility to monitor pipette performance between scheduled calibrations.

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Ingenix Suite Advanced Pipette Calibration Module

Manage regular pipette calibrations digitally for a better process and compliance with calibration protocols. The open software module enables calibration on third-party balances as well.

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Ingenix Suite GxP Compliance Module

Trust is good, control is better. Track all system and instrument level events in your audit trail while supporting your 21 CFR Part 11 and EMA Annex 11 needs.

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Ingenix Suite Software Validation Documents

We have you covered. Our qualification documents will guide you through the complex qualification process of computerized systems in a regulated environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Ingenix Suite operates with or without an ELN/LIMS System. If you do not have a LIMS/ELN, you can use Ingenix Suite as a standalone solution. However, Ingenix Suite is not designed to replace LIMS/ELN systems. If you do have a LIMS/ELN system, you can store PDFs and XML reports from Ingenix Suite.

With Ingenix Suite installed in your lab, you can buy an unlimited number of additional licenses to connect all your equipment.

The Pipette Check module can manage all types of pipettes, independent of brand. The Pipette Advanced Calibration module can manage various pipette types as well as multiple Sartorius (e.g. Speedcal) and third-party balances. The Balance Fleet Manager module currently manages only Cubis® II MCA balances. 

Because Ingenix Suite aims to become an open platform for all laboratory instruments, future releases will continuously enable connection with other brands.

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