rLINE® Robotic Liquid Handling Dispenser Module

Innovative automated liquid handling dispenser for accurate, precise and reliable sample processing

The Sartorius rLINE® Robotic Dispenser Module brings the proven technology of Sartorius electronic pipettes into the field of laboratory automation.

The unique and innovative features of the module ensure the accuracy and performance of sample processors and automated instrumentation:

  • Outstanding accuracy and reliability with the enhanced DC-motor concept, electronic brake system and optical sensor
  • Combination of Liquid Level Sensor with conductive robotic tips enables the detection of the liquid surface in the target vessel. This prevents erroneous attempts to aspirate liquid before the liquid surface has been reached.

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Save Space and Time

The compact size and light weight of the rLINE® module ensures an easy fit with any instrument design.

Robotic Pipette Tips

Robotic tips are specially designed for use with the rLINE® Liquid Level Sensing model with conductive tips to enable the detection of the liquid surface in vessels or microplates.

Achieve Reliable Results

High accuracy and precision with Liquid Level Sensors with conductive Robotic Tips to detect the liquid surface in the target vessel.

Development Kits

Development kits contain all you need to get started, including pipette of your choice, complete technical documentation, power supply, data cable, software, and tips.

Save Space and Time While Achieving Reliable Results

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Partner References

Andrew Alliance and Sartorius Collaborate to Provide Software-Connected Pipettes For Life Science Research

Sartorius and Andrew Alliance, a robotics company with an innovative approach to liquid handling that is improving repeatability of conventional laboratory pipettes, has launched the Andrew Alliance Pipette+ system. This system uniquely provides both full traceability and improved repeatability in manual pipetting for life science laboratories.

The Andrew Alliance Pipette+ system comprises several components that communicate with one another: electronic single and multichannel pipettes, an intelligent stand, and novel cloud-based software. Andrew Alliance co-developed the Pipette+ system with Sartorius, who is manufacturing the pipette hardware. The hardware is based on Sartorius’s Picus® range of award-winning, ergonomic electronic pipettes. Using current-day Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, the pipettes communicate wirelessly with the stand by Bluetooth, and the computerized charging stand communicates with Cloud servers by either Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The pipette transmits data to the stand, such as possible errors, operator identity, and step-by-step actions taken by the operator, ensuring full traceability and improved repeatability.

The software system uses Andrew Alliance’s free, browser-based intelligent software environment, OneLab. This software allows intuitive protocol design and simplified protocol execution. For instance, the software can indicate which pipette is to be used at each step in an experiment, preset the required pipetting parameters, and eject tips at the appropriate time. Thus, users can complete protocols in a few clicks. The Andrew Alliance Pipette+ system, therefore, combines the best-in-class pipetting performance, and excellent ergonomics Sartorius’ pipettes are known for, with intelligent software.

Enabled by this collaboration, Andrew Alliance has launched a larger family of collaborative products serving the life-science research market at the 2019 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening Trade Show in Washington DC, at which it won the New Product Award for Pipette+.

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