Electronic Pipettes

Sartorius electronic pipettes are ideal tools to accompany you in daily, repetitive liquid handling in laboratories, where the accuracy of your results, speed and ergonomics are important. Their fully electronic control guarantees consistent, user-independent results, and their lightweight, ergonomic design gives you total convenience. With their multiple pipetting modes, you may perform your liquid handling tasks faster than with mechanical pipettes.​

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Electronic Pipette Features

Reliable Results

Many applications in laboratories today require the pipetting of very small amounts of liquid – just a few microliters, exactly and repeatedly. Electronic pipettes ensure high accuracy and precision, by significantly reducing human variance.

Speed Up Your Work

Electronic pipettes with the extensive range of pipetting modes, from diluting and titrating to serial dispensing, makes pipetting quick and easy. User-definable protocols further speed up routine pipetting. This reduces errors, speeds up the work and lets you to focus on pipetting by eliminating the need to change modes and volume settings back and forth in the midst of the workflow.​

Be Kind to Your Hand

Electronic pipettes are even more ergonomic to use than mechanical pipettes. Electronic pipettes reduce muscle strain by performing pipetting steps and tip ejection for the user. Time saved on pipetting reduces repetitive strain load on user, and fully electronic operations, including tip ejection, guarantee maximum user comfort. Uniquely light weight of only 100g ensures effortless pipetting.  

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Choosing between Picus® and Picus® Nxt​

Picus® is the choice when you want to upgrade your pipetting and leave the variables of manual pipetting behind and pipette with the touch of a button. When you wish to optimize your workflow and regulatory compliance, select Picus® Nxt and take advantage of the user programmable protocols and safety features like password protection and calibration reminders. Both Picus® and Picus® Nxt, are available in single-channel models, covering a volume range of 0.2-10,000 μl and in multichannel models from 0.2 μl to 1,200 μl.


Enjoy your work with the award winning Picus®! Its highly sophisticated and completely ergonomic design will reduce your risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Fully electronic operation ensures the maximum accuracy and repeatability of your results.

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Picus® Nxt

Picus® Nxt takes on where Picus® left with added features like user customizable protocols, password protection, and calibration reminders. Especially when conformity to the strictest regulations is needed by selecting the advanced Picus® Nxt you can take your compliance to a new level with added certification and safety features.

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Feature Highlights


Picus® Nxt

Fully electronic, including tip ejection



Language options

English, German, French, Russian, Chinese

English, German, French, Russian, Chinese

Built in microwell plate tracker



Calibration adjustment

In 1, 2, or 3 points

In 1, 2, or 3 points

Pipetting protocols


Calibration reminders


Password protection


Accredited calibration certificate


Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic pipettes resemble mechanical pipettes in many ways. The main difference is that electronic pipettes are more versatile tools, thanks to electronic aspiration and dispensing and multiple pipetting modes. Also electronic pipettes help reduce human variance.

An electronic motor drives the piston up or down to aspirate or dispense, and when desired amount has been reached brake system precisely stops the piston at correct position. The operating buttons and display are used to program desired volumes and operating modes. Electronic pipettes have multiple pipetting modes to speed up work. However, it is important to note that there can be some differences between different models.

The main difference is with electronic pipettes the user does not move the piston to aspirate or dispense, or eject tips, but the pipette does it for the user with a help of a motor by click of a button.

They reduce human variance as they take care of aspiration and dispensing. Their multiple pipetting modes speed up work. Also electronic pipettes offer security features, like calibration reminders and password protection for saved programs.

Basic maintenance and calibration is very similar to mechanical pipettes. The lower part of electronic and mechanical pipette resemble each other. The main difference is that every now and then you also need to replace the battery.

Single-channel pipettes are great when you need to pipette to and from different kinds of tubes and vessels. Also, for large volume pipetting (1.2-10 ml), single-channel pipettes are the only choice. However, when you work with large number of samples in 96-well or 384-plates, the multichannel pipettes are a better option.

Pipetting Resources

Pipetting Resources

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