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The Concept of Upstream Scaling: From Theory to Practice

Experts Reveal New Tools for Successful Scale-Up

In theory, upstream scaling seems straightforward. In reality, it can be expensive and time-consuming - unless you have a technology platform and partner that facilitates rapid process development and seamless scalability drop.

That’s because successful commercialization requires a series of scale-up steps to transfer product and process knowledge from development and GMP clinical production to GMP commercial manufacturing. This involves transferring through several different pilot- and manufacturing-scale bioreactors and performing multiple iterations to optimize process parameters at each step. Along the way, creeping timelines and batch loss are constant threats.

Join our technical product experts in reviewing real-world case studies of successful scale-up, using novel single-use technologies, and register for our on-demand webinar.

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Innovative Upstream Scaling Approaches

During the educational webinar, our experts will cover:

  • The concept of upstream bioprocess scaling, the importance of design space, and bioreactor engineering towards scalability
  • Case studies highlighting the scale-up of various cell culture processes from development scale (15 mL and 250 mL Ambr® bioreactors) to pilot and 2000 L (Biostat STR® bioreactors) manufacturing scale without affecting the process or product quality

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. What does scaling mean, what does it involve?
  2. What has been tried and tested in terms of successful scaling approaches?
  3. How can a novel scale conversion tool be used to predict the best set of parameters for single-use, stirred-tank bioreactors?

Meet Our Experts

Vincent Lam

Product Specialist – Biostat STR® | RM®

Vincent Lam is the Product Specialist for the Biostat STR® and RM® technologies for the North American region. He initially joined Sartorius as a Field Applications Specialist and has been with the company for nine years. Before Sartorius, his biopharma industry experience includes cell line engineering and commercial-scale fermentation. Vincent holds a Master’s degree in Bioprocessing from the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences.

Sherwin Ting

Product Specialist – Biostat STR® | Ambr®

Sherwin Ting is the Product Specialist for both the Ambr® and Biostat STR® product families. In his current role, he is supporting the fermentation business in Asia by focusing on product proposals and application support. Before joining Sartorius, Sherwin was in the R&D industry for eight years, focusing on upstream process development for stem cell expansion and differentiation. Sherwin has completed his bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University in the United States.

Sinyee Yau-Rose, PhD

Product Manager – Ambr® software applications

Sinyee holds a PhD and a MEng degree in Biochemical Engineering from UCL and joined TAP Biosystems (acquired by Sartorius in 2013) in 2010 as a Bioprocess Product Specialist for Ambr®. Sinyee became the Global Product Manager for Ambr® software applications in 2018.

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