Umetrics® Suite of Data Analytics Software

Optimize Your Manufacturing Processes with Actionable Insights

The Umetrics® Suite of data analytics software gives you access to powerful yet easy-to-use tools to optimize your manufacturing processes and bring quality products to market faster.

Use the data analytics software to develop robust, high-quality products, continually improve processes and maintain control during manufacturing. These tools support regulatory compliance, enable digital transformation and facilitate quality by design.

Across the entire Umetrics® Suite of software, you’ll find clear data visualization, extensive wizard functionality and customizable plots that maximize usability and versatility without being overly complicated.

The Data Analytics Value Chain

Umetrics Suite offers data analytics software for every stage of the manufacturing process.

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Data Analytics Software for Every Stage of Manufacturing

What is Design of Experiments? 

Design of Experiments (DOE) is a data analytics method that helps you manage product development and testing in a more efficient way.  Rather than testing one parameter at a time, DOE speeds up the process and helps you identify important interactions using an optimal series of carefully design experiments.

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What is Multivariate Data Analysis? 

Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) is an advanced statistical technique that lets you analyze multiple variables and understand if, or how, they impact each other. You can use MVDA to create more robust products and optimize processes.  MVDA software helps you visualize the data and understand what it means, determine cause and effect, as well as group data or understand differences.

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What is Real-Time Process Monitoring? 

Real-time process monitoring uses advanced data analytics models to help you understand what is happening with a process as it occurs. It gives technicians and operators actionable insights or even predictive warnings that allow them to correct process deviations before they cause quality or production issues.

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Why Use Data Analytics Software

Data analytics software helps you put your production data to use for process optimization and new product development. It can help you uncover dependencies, identify cause and effect, and predict future trends, events and behaviors. You can:

  • Develop more robust products
  • Find substitute ingredients
  • Optimize batch processes
  • Ensure faster troubleshooting
  • Reduce the risk of costly downtime
  • Address process deviations in real-time
  • Maintain regulatory compliance

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Discover the Umetrics Suite

Watch the video to learn more about the top features and benefits of the Umetrics Suite of data analytics software. 

Data Analytics Software

Cell Insights

In-Silico Bioreactor Simulation

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Design of Experiments Software

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Multivariate Data Analytics Software

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Real-Time Process Monitoring Software

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Active Dashboard

Interactive Performance Insight!

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