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Monoclonal Antibody Discovery and Cell Line Development

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Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Therapy Discovery and Development

More Insight, Better Decisions

Therapeutic antibodies have recently emerged as not only successful immunotherapy but also as promising treatment options for infectious diseases like COVID-19. Among some already licenced monoclonal antibodies, several others are in clincal trials or in development to investigate wther they can effectively treat COVID-19 patients. 

To mount a successful monoclonal antibody (mAb)-based discovery and development program, whether developing therapeutic antibodies or antibody drug conjugates, you need technologies that allow rapid identification and characterization of candidate molecules to identify those with superior target reactivity and optimized functionality. 

Our unique and innovative solutions for discovery and development of mAb therapies streamline the workflow and increase productivity. Accelerate your biotherapeutic development and still have peace of mind. 

Harnessing the Power of the Cellular Machinery

Harnessing the Power of the Cellular Machinery

See in our short video, how Biologic Therapeutics are developed! 

Sartorius Solutions for mAb Discovery & Development

Cell and Protein Analysis Platforms

Sartorius’s cell analysis platforms offer unique, high-capacity solutions for characterizing immune phenotype and function at unprecedented speed, depth, and scale to provide information-rich data for tracking complex biological processes.

Unlike other approaches that require multiple assays or time points, our technologies reduce variability by delivering more data per time point, or across multiple time points, in the same context, under the same conditions. Using our comprehensive analysis and visualization capabilities for biologics characterization, you will have access to actionable results, faster.

Cell Analysis Platforms

Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System 

Enables real-time, live-cell imaging and analysis directly inside your incubator. Measure kinetic effects of your antibody treatment on target cells without ever having to remove cells from the incubator.

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iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

High-throughput, suspension cell and bead analysis platform for rapidly profiling of cell phenotype and function in therapeutic antibody discovery workflows. Ideal for those screens where cells are precious or limited in number, the iQue3 is the fastest way to generate high-content data from small samples.

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Protein Analysis Platform

Octet® Label-Free Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) Detection Systems

Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Platforms for Antibody Discovery and Cell Line Development

Octet® systems are used for affinity ranking, epitope binning of small to large antibody matrices, Fc-receptor binding, cross-reactivity testing of other species, glycosylation screening, characterization of antibody-antigen binding kinetics and affinity, bispecific testing, and titer analysis  for protein expression, all in one high throughput,  easiest-to-use system.

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mAb Therapy Discovery & Development Workflow

Molecule Development

Candidate mAb therapy discovery and development begins with a comprehensive understanding of the biological and molecular pathways underlying disease states and a full understanding of how your candidates interrupt these processes. 

You need powerful tools that can deliver multifactorial results. Sartorius’s cell analysis platforms and laboratory essentials offer unique, high-capacity solutions for molecule development, from characterizing disease pathways to understanding candidate molecule function. Screen cells in suspension and targets in their natural conformation and get better information with simultaneous acquisition of both antigen binding and cross-reactivity. 

Applications for mAb Therapeutics

mAb Target Identification

Target Identification/Validation

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mAb Library Screening

Library Screening

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mAb Lead Optimization

Lead Optimization

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mAb Candidate Characterization

Candidate Characterization

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Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine and Therapeutic Development Research

Studying antibodies from COVID-19 infections and vaccines can provide invaluable information toward therapeutic antibody development

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Cell Line Development 

The success of your mAb development program hinges on early development of dedicated cell lines and identification of your best performers. Sartorius offers cell line development services if your plans call for outsourcing, and solutions for cell line development that you can use in-house.

Our products, services, and technologies offer innovative solutions to enable multiparametric assessment of clones, from protein concentration to cell health and viability, to rapidly and efficiently identify and rank your best performing clones.

See how clone ranking and selection can change dramatically by multiparametric assessment (IgG titer, IgG titer per cell, cell density and cell viability) of your clones, so you can screen more clones in less time and make decisions sooner.

Applications for Cell Line Development

mAb Gene Cloning

Gene Cloning

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Cell Line Service

Cell Line Selection/Identification

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mAb Cell Line Selection/Identification

Cell Line Characterization

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Cell Banking Facility

Cell Banking

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A Rapid Method to Quantitatively Screen Bispecific Antibody Using Protein A and His1K Biosensors cover

A Rapid Method to Quantitatively Screen Bispecific Antibody

Using Protein A and His1K Biosensors

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Closed Membrane Filtration Systems for Sterility Testing

Our Sterisart portfolio is easy to use, minimises the risk of false positives and false negative, meets all regulatory requirements, and provides you with complete confidence in your sterility testing results. We redefine industry standards.

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Applications for Microbial Testing

Sterility Testing

Sterility Testing

Aseptic Sample Transfer out of a Closed, Sterile System with the Sterisart®️ Septum Technology

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sample preparation

Sample Preparation

Optimize your sample preparation for accurate and reliable results

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Featured Products

Microsart® AMP Mycoplasma Kit

Ensure your results are from your cells, not contamination. Screen your cultures with our real-time PCR kit for mycoplasma contamination.

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Microsart® RESEARCH Bacteria

Provides rapid detection of total bacteria within 2½ h. For fast and reliable real-time PCR-based detection of bacterial contamination in cell...

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mAb Purification Mini Platform

Sartorius’s mAb purification mini platform is ideal for small-scale purification of your mAb from up to 1 L of cell culture supernatant. 

The mini platform includes up to seven steps to take you through all the workflows necessary for mAb purification: cell clarification and filtration, antibody capture by affinity chromatography, purification step(s), concentration, and sterile filtration.

Each of our application steps maximizes output for the next step in the workflow, to support a seamless mAb purification process with maximum output.

How we ensure confidence for your mAb discovery and development program

  • Multifactorial, information-rich results
  • Faster results, improved productivity
  • More meaningful and biologically relevant insights
  • Higher confidence in quality, purity, and integrity of you product

Highlight Resources

Overcoming Challenges in High Density Cell Culture Harvesting during Antibody Development

This eBook includes a collection of articles and features describing innovative solutions to accelerate and streamline the process of harvesting antibodies from high titer upstream workflows.   

Key Topics:

  • Facilitating mammalian cell culture development
  • Overcoming the challenges of high density cell culture harvesting
  • Optimizing the cell culture workflow with diatomaceous earth
  • Preview of a webinar on body feed filtration for accelerated harvesting

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Advancing Cancer Vaccines

New research and developments in the cancer vaccine field, and delves into the intricacies of target discovery and vaccine development.

Topics covered:

  • Developing breast cancer vaccines with dendritic cell tumor fusions
  • Boosting immunity with cancer vaccines: A focus on breast and ovarian cancer immunology.

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Periodic Table of Antibodies

Periodic Table of Antibodies

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Elements, one of the most significant scientific tools ever published, Absolute Antibody has created their own Periodic Table of Antibodies representing all the (100+) different engineered antibody formats that they have generated utilizing Sartorius innovative products and technologies for antibody discovery and development.

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Antibody Internalization: Advanced Flow Cytometry and Live-Cell Analysis Give Rich Insights During Antibody Profiling

The natural characteristics of antibodies, such as high binding affinity, specificity to a wide variety of targets, and good stability, make them ideal therapeutic candidates for many diseases. Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), in particular, deliver promising therapeutic results in several different disease areas, such as autoimmunity, oncology, and chronic inflammation.

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Importance of mAb Discovery and Development in Immunotherapy

A successful mAb-based discovery and development program begins with a comprehensive understanding of cancer cell biological and molecular...

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High-Throughput Antibody Discovery

Targeting Cell Surface Receptors for Signaling Blocking in Cancer

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DNA as Medicine: Encoding Cancer Therapeutic Antibodies

In this webinar, you will hear from two members of the clinical development and discovery research teams at Inovio, a biotechnology company that...

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Compendium - Accelerated Antibody Discovery

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) still remain a focus of biopharma research. In the discovery process, you need to make crucial decisions, such as...

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Developing Next Generation Therapeutic Antibodies

Download now to learn about innovative solutions for rapid candidate characterization of that streamline and advance antibody therapeutic discovery.

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Challenges and Solutions for Developing New Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) used for immunotherapy stimulate the immune system to mount a response to target antigens. These powerful...

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eBook: How Are Label-Free Technologies Used in Early Drug Discovery?

How Are Label-Free Technologies Used in Early Drug Discovery?

Modern analytical techniques designed for real-time analysis and high-throughput capabilities significantly reduce the time to the discovery

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Application Note: Sterisart®

In this study, we evaluated the Sterisart® closed system sterility testing device, with a septum, for the recurrent sterile extraction of samples.

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Solutions for Biologics Drug Discovery with a focus on mAbs

Therapeutic antibodies have recently emerged as one of the most successful strategies for the treatment of both hematologic cancers and solid...

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