Vivaflow®️ Tangential Flow Filtration Cassettes

In research and development laboratories, scaling ultrafiltration processes up from centrifugal devices can be expensive and complicated. If all you need is a clarified, concentrated or re-buffered macromolecule sample from an initial volume of up to 5 L, you shouldn’t have to spend valuable time optimizing your method.

Innovative Vivaflow® cassettes offer the ultimate in convenience, flexibility and high process speeds to aid efficient research progress. Developed specifically for the lab, experience ultrafiltration control with the simple turn of a dial. Who said you had to worry about crunching the numbers on transmembrane pressures, feed flow rates and filtrate flux?

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Vivaflow® TFF Products

Vivaflow® 50 Single-Use Cassettes

Optimize your lab time with single use, modular cassettes designed for high-speed, plug and play TFF.

  • 0.5 L samples, scalable up to 3 L
  • Near total target recoveries
  • No cleaning required

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Vivaflow® 50R Reusable Cassettes

Budget-friendly compact and reusable cassettes, featuring 50 cm2 Hydrosart® membranes.

  • 0.5 L samples, scalable up to 1 L
  • Minimum protein binding
  • Simple cleaning process

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Vivaflow® 200 Reusable Cassettes

Make your research budget go further, with the modular 200 cm2 PES or Hydrosart® cassettes you can use again and again.

  • 2.5 L samples, scalable to 5 L
  • Maximum target recoveries
  • Simple cleaning process

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Sartorius Vivaflow® Cassettes Features

Effortless Process Scale-Up

With plug and play straight from the box, we’ve thought about every detail, so you don’t have to. Vivaflow® cassettes are supplied with all you need to operate them using a peristaltic pump. Just add sample.

Maintain Your Research Flow

The unique flip-flow path effectively utilizes the full membrane surface area while providing maximum crossflow velocities, for high flux ultrafiltration with minimal user effort. Easy speedy.

The Ultimate in Membrane Choice

Prepare for maximum recovery. High performance PES and Hydrosart® membranes with MWCOs from 1 – 1,000 kDa and beyond ensure suitability for all target molecules and applications.

Flexibility for When you Need More

Easily connect multiple cassettes in series or parallel to enable even faster process speeds or the handling of higher starting volumes, all the way up to 5 L. Push your process to the max.

To Clean or Not to Clean?

That is not the question. With single use options, there’s no need to clean cassettes before or after sample processing, while multi use devices help make the most of your research budget.

Customize Your Setup

Keep your workspace tidy with the optional stand for single use cassettes and experience the efficiency of continuous diafiltration in the easy-to-use sample reservoir. Pretty convenient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each cassette is supplied with feed, retentate and permeate tubing. Multi use cassettes also include a disposable pressure indicator. Depending on cassette type, tubing is either pre-connected to the cassette or pre-fitted with relevant connectors for swift plug and play setup.

Yes, we do! We developed Vivaflow® using Masterflex pump drives, which are available to purchase separately or as part of the Vivaflow® complete system kits - for either 240 or 115 V mains supplies. We also offer Masterflex Easy-Load™ pump heads to support quick and easy setup, while providing maximum versatility for your other fluid transfer needs.

If your pump drive and head can deliver a flow rate of at least 200-400 mL/min, you probably can. In addition, you only need to check that the pump head accepts size 16 tubing (or size 15 tubing for operating 2x Vivaflow® 200 cassettes in parallel).

For Vivaflow® 50, serial operation of up to three cassettes is possible without any additional accessories, as one series interconnector is supplied in every box of two cassettes. If you would like to operate any cassettes in parallel, a set of T-connectors (Vivaflow® 50) or Y-connector (Vivaflow® 200) are available to purchase separately.

Reusability can vary from sample to sample, but you only need to re-use a Vivaflow® cassette around three times for it to be more cost-effective than our single use options. We typically recommend replacing these cassettes when you start to notice a decrease in performance, or the expiry date has been reached - whichever comes first.

We recommend selecting the multi use cassettes when reduced bioburden is important, as these are resistant to common sanitizing agents such as ethanol, sodium hydroxide and water for injection (WFI). Set up the complete system and follow the cleaning procedure as outlined in the instructions for use, to flush with sodium hydroxide or ethanol, followed by sterile water or buffer prior to processing your sample.

Vivaflow® is available with a broad choice of membrane materials and MWCOs to help ensure high recoveries of virtually any target molecule. In addition, after sample concentration, a common process step in TFF is to perform a low volume buffer rinse through the tubing and cassette(s). The resulting sample will retain residual macromolecules which can be combined with the retentate to provide recoveries typically exceeding 98%.

Wear to peristaltic pump tubing can be expected through normal use. Therefore, we suggest replacing the tubing for each sample run. This is easy to do, with low-cost tubing kits available to purchase separately.

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