Vivaflow Crossflow | Tangential flow ultrafiltration & concentration devices for samples up to 5 l

Plug and Play Convenience

Vivaflow units are easy to use, as they feature a modular design that allows plug and play convenience and only needs a peristaltic pump to operate.  On top of that they provide an optimal performance, flexibility and economy which is unrivalled by any other  laboratory crossflow system.

  • Versatile: disposable, or reusable modular designs
  • Wide range of sample volumes (0.1 l to 5 l)
  • Multiple membrane choices and MWCO sizes

Ready to concentrate – The most convenient cross flow units from Sartorius

Vivaflow 50 Crossflow concentrators

The disposable Vivaflow 50 is ready-to-use without the need for a regeneration step. It is the economical and convenient choice for concentration and buffer exchange for proteins, viruses and nanoparticles.

  • Easy-to-use, modular crossflow device
  • Fully scalable from 100 ml up to 3 liters with 6 units at once with one pump
  • Minimum hold up volume and near total recoveries make it the ideal choice for your ultrafiltration needs
  • Disposable for e.g. virus concentration applications

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Get the job done – again and again

Vivaflow 50R - a reusable crossflow ultrafiltration concentrator

  • Premium Hydrosart® membrane for minimum protein binding
  • Reusable, compact, efficient & fast
  • Concentrate volumes from 100 ml to 500 ml or use two units in parallel to scale up to 1 l

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Vivaflow 200 - the lab crossflow device

Vivaflow 50R - The crossflow unit for 100ml - 1l samples

Choose the best membrane for your sample - concentrate up to 5 liters

Vivaflow 200 a modular, reusable crossflow ultrafiltration device for 0.5 to 5 Liter samples

  • Reusable & scalable for 0.5 to 5 Liter samples 
  • Ultra-low binding Hydrosart® or PES membranes with multiple MWCOs
  • 200 cm2 active membrane area per unit

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