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Vivaspin® and Vivacon® Centrifugal Concentrators for Any Sample up to 100 mL

With the most comprehensive range of centrifugal concentrators, comprising 12 device types, Sartorius offers the optimal solution to any ultrafiltration or buffer exchange application. The Vivaspin® and Vivacon® families provide a wide choice of sample capacities, membrane materials and MWCOs.

Large active membrane areas and integrated dead-stops ensure maximum process speeds, highest concentration factors and direct concentrate retrieval, while avoiding sample loss through concentration to dryness.

The easy-to-read printed volume graduations simplify monitoring of ultrafiltration progress. In addition, unique pressure, continuous diafiltration and reverse ultrafiltration methods allow for processing of even single, sensitive, or challenging samples. There is simply no safer or easier way to concentrate, desalt or re-buffer your target molecule.

  • Rapid concentration and diafiltration
  • Process initial samples between 0.1 and 100 mL
  • Unrivaled process flexibility
  • A membrane and MWCO range to suit any target
  • For general laboratory use

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Vivaspin®️ Filtrate: Inverse Ultrafiltration

Vivaspin®️ Filtrate: Inverse Ultrafiltration

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use Vivaspin®️ Filtrate units while illustrating the principle of ultrafiltration.

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NEW - Vivaspin® Turbo 15 RC

The fastest RC centrifugal concentrator on the market, providing the best possible recoveries in combination with the Turbo PES

Newly launched Vivaspin® Turbo 15 RC centrifugal concentrators ensures that users have access to both RC and PES membrane options. Allowing users to choose what membrane has the best compatibility for their molecule target and ensuring that whatever the molecule, maximum recoveries are reached. Combining the new RC membrane with the superior Vivaspin® Turbo design ensures highest recoveries in the fastest possible time.

  • Unique membrane range offering
  • Fastest concentration speeds
  • Largest 8.1cm2 membrane area 
  • Free samples available 

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Centrifugal Concentration. With Maximum Versatility.

Vivaspin® 500

Rapid concentration of samples from 0.5 mL to as little as 5 μL.

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Vivaspin® 2

Low internal surface area and three membrane materials for superior recoveries from 0.4 - 3 mL samples.

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Vivaspin® Turbo 4

Optimized membrane design and sleek internal profile for the fastest concentration of 1 - 4 mL samples.

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Vivaspin® 6

Unique capacity for efficient concentration of 2 - 6 mL samples.

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Vivaspin® 15R

Hydrosart® membranes provide optimal flux while ensuring minimal fouling and target adsorption for 4 - 15 mL samples.

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Vivaspin®️ Turbo 15

Providing both PES and RC membranes in a highly optimized design, to ensure the fastest concentrations and highest recoveries from 4 – 15 mL samples.

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Vivaspin® 20

For 5 – 20 mL samples, with complementary equipment and accessories enabling continuous diafiltration or ultrafiltration under positive pressure.

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Vivaspin® 100

The highest capacity centrifugal device, with the option for pressurized ultrafiltration of samples in the 20 – 100 mL range. 

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Vivaspin® Filtrate

Performs ultrafiltration in the opposite direction to centrifugal force, ideal for ultrafiltrate applications with 0.5 – 2.5 mL samples.

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Vivaspin® Endotest

Certified pyrogen free for the concentration of endotoxin and removal of interfering substances from 4 – 15 mL samples prior to LAL testing.

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vivacon filtration device

Vivacon® 500

Optimal concentration of linear and dilute targets from up to 0.5 mL initial samples.

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Vivacon® 2

Concentrate linear molecules, dilute targets and forensic samples from up to 2 mL initial volumes.

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