Article Collection: Next-Generation Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

Therapeutic antibodies have become one of the most rapidly growing drug classes to treat autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, cancer and COVID-19. However, despite major recent scientific breakthroughs, limitations remain that impede widespread use of antibodies as therapeutics (i.e., limited antibody uptake in the target tissue, antibody retention and immunogenicity).

To overcome these therapeutic challenges, research efforts have led to the development of next-generation antibodies such as bispecific (multispecific) antibodies, nanobodies, antibody drug conjugates, antibody fragments and antibody-like proteins. Next-generation antibodies are designed to be more selective than monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), with the potential to block multiple targets and possibly interact with new targets. This greater target specificity can improve efficacy and potency and reduce unwanted side effects.

With the increasing number and complexity of next-generation antibodies, it is imperative to characterize them thoroughly to optimize existing candidates or design new antibodies with desirable therapeutic properties. Our article collection, Next-Generation Antibody Discovery: Advancing the Development of Targeted Therapeutics, highlights several applications that focus on aspects of antibody characterization.

Through this research article collection, we hope to educate researchers on strategies to characterize antibody candidates and enhance their development and optimization.

What You Will Learn:

  • Important properties to study during antibody characterization and development
  • Technologies for antibody discovery and screening strategies for antibody characterization
  • Latest advancements in bispecific antibody clinical development

Content Includes:

  • The state of the art of bispecific antibodies for treating human malignancies, Wang et al.
  • Antibody internalization: Advanced flow cytometry and live-cell analysis give rich insights during antibody profiling, Szybut et al.
  • Neutralization of SARS-CoV-2 by highly potent, hyperthermostable, and mutation-tolerant nanobodies, Güttler et al.
  • Free access to the webinar: Rapid antibody discovery strategies to support optimized next-generation modalities, Duey

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