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mAb Molecule Development — Target Identification/Validation

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Molecule Development Begins with Target Identification and Validation

A new drug starts as an idea or hypothesis based on:

  • Observations made during phenotypic drug discovery evaluations, or
  • Direct identification of targets with affinity during target-based drug discovery processes

Both these approaches require comprehensive understanding of the biological and molecular pathways underlying disease.

See how our Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis and Intellicyt® iQue3 platforms can accelerate your mAb discovery workflow!

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Challenges and Solutions for Developing New Monoclonal Antibodies

Unprecedented advances in medicine are delivering remarkable results for some patients. Recent approvals of CAR T therapies and new approaches in regenerative medicine, for example, exemplify Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) used for immunotherapy stimulate the immune system to mount a response to target antigens. These powerful therapeutics are being used to...

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Accelerating Nanobody Discovery Workflows with High-Throughput Flow Cytometry

In this webinar, Dr. Pieter Kennis discusses how nanobodies – small, single-domain antibody fragments that retain full antigen-binding capabilities and the properties of heavy-chain antibodies – and nanobody discovery and screening platforms exploit high-throughput flow cytometry to increase the throughput of nanobody screening campaigns.

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Accelerate Your mAb Discovery Workflow

Cell Analysis Platforms

Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Don't miss crucial data by analyzing cells at pre-determined time points. Continuously interrogate dynamic changes in the same population of cells using imaged-based, real-time, live-cell analysis for relevant insight to cell- and treatment-specific responses – all from inside your incubator.

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iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

Advance therapeutic antibody discovery with multiplexed screening. The iQue® 3 offers high content, multi-factorial, and actionable results for more insight and better decisions.

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NEW: Delve deeper into the biology of T Cell Exhaustion with our new Human T Cell Exhaustion Cell and Cytokine Profiling Kit.

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Protein Analysis Platforms - Octet Label-Free Biomolecular Analysis

Octet® HTX

Real-time, label-free binding interaction data provide unique insights into the specific molecular interactions that regulate cellular processes and pinpoint aberrant molecular interactions that lead to the pathway dysregulation and, ultimately, to disease.

Octet dip and read biosensor format make them uniquely suited to studying diverse molecular interactions in the most challenging, real-world samples. The 96-well and 384-well plate configurations enable consequential structure/function investigations, including large kinetic screens of panels of structural variants.

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Pioneer SPR Systems

Pioneer SPR system's industry-unique OneStep injections enable users to obtain accurate kinetic and affinity values from a single analyte concentration eliminating the need to run multiple analyte titrations saving time and reducing errors associated with making dilutions. Pioneer SPR systems also provide enhanced sensitivity to analyze small molecule fragments and high-affinity interactions.  

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Brochure: Intellicyt® iQue3 Faster, Smarter Flow Cytometry

PDF | 6.0 MB

Application Note: Minimizing Syringe Filter Usage in Harvesting Monoclonal Antibodies from CHO Cell Culture Supernatants

PDF | 183.8 KB

Application Note: Vivaflow® 200: A Critical Sample Preparation Tool for Concentrating Hybridoma Supernatants

PDF | 211.7 KB

Concentration of Mammalian Cell Culture Supernatants with Vivaspin® Turbo 15 and Amicon® Ultra-15 Devices

PDF | 427.9 KB

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