Library Screening for Molecule Development

To fully understand how candidate antibodies interrupt cellular and molecular processes that lead to disease states, researchers need powerful tools that deliver multifactorial results.

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Challenges and Solutions for Developing New Monoclonal Antibodies

Unprecedented advances in medicine are delivering remarkable results for some patients. Recent approvals of CAR T therapies and new approaches in regenerative medicine, for example, exemplify Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) used for immunotherapy stimulate the immune system to mount a response to target antigens. These powerful therapeutics are being used to...

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Accelerating Nanobody Discovery Workflows with High-Throughput Flow Cytometry

In this webinar, Dr. Pieter Kennis discusses how nanobodies – small, single-domain antibody fragments that retain full antigen-binding capabilities and the properties of heavy-chain antibodies – and nanobody discovery and screening platforms exploit high-throughput flow cytometry to increase the throughput of nanobody screening campaigns.

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Sartorius Solutions for Library Screening

iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

Discover how the iQue®, the fastest suspension-based, high-throughput screening system available, is used to perform multiplexed screens for antibody binding to either cell surface or circulating target antigens.

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Octet® HTX - Label-Free Biomolecular Analysis

High-throughput screening of a large panel of candidates that deliver high-quality data. Sample can be assayed in crude mixture got directly from bioreactors or periplasmic preparations without interference.

Application e.g.: Titer, Lead selection and off-rate analysis

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Antibody Screening

Successful antibody discovery programs need to rapidly identify and characterize target-reactive candidates. The Intellicyt® iQue Screener PLUS platform can be used for target cell line generation, mouse sera evaluation and hybridoma library screening.

  • Speed: More answers in less time
  • More cost savings: Less sample volume and reagent costs
  • Multiplexed assays: Rapid access to antibody specificity and species cross-reactivity during primary screening with multiplexed cell- and bead-based antibody binding assays.

Target Cell Line Generation

Rapidly evaluate clones transfected with a cell-surface target antigen. Selection of healthy clones that express high levels of the target antigen ensures optimal performance in downstream hybridoma screens.

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