mAb Gene Cloning

mAb Cell Line Development — Gene Cloning

Gene Cloning 

Are you working with a difficult to express protein and need to set up production in a dedicated cell line? Our custom cell line and process development services will make it a seamless, efficient process.

Additionally, our in-house experts have a long track record of developing cell lines for expression of biologics, with many of these biologics progressing to clinical trials.

Rapidly obtain your best performing cell line(s) with tools and services from Sartorius.

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Accelerating Nanobody Discovery Workflows with High-Throughput Flow Cytometry

In this webinar, Dr. Pieter Kennis discusses how nanobodies – small, single-domain antibody fragments that retain full antigen-binding capabilities and the properties of heavy-chain antibodies – and nanobody discovery and screening platforms exploit high-throughput flow cytometry to increase the throughput of nanobody screening campaigns.

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Impact of Pipetting Errors on Reproducibility of Cell-Based Assays

For the successful use of the cell-based system, even distribution of cells, avoidance of bubbles and monitoring of cell growth dynamics are important. Good pipetting techniques and practices help to reduce inter-assay variance and improve reliability of results.

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Cell Line Service

BioOutsource Cellca Cell Line Development Platform 

Sartorius Stedim’s Cellca service is a leading provider of cell line development and upstream process development services, with a unique cell line development technology platform of four key components:

  • Expression Vector
  • Host Cell Line
  • CHO Media System
  • Upstream Process Design

Our service delivers high-yielding, stable cell-lines and robust, simple, fed-batch processes for the biopharmaceutical market. The Cellca CHO Expression Platform is an easily accessible, scalable, and robust system that takes your product from DNA to RCB in just 4 months.

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Picus® Nxt Electronic Pipette

If you are isolating your clones through serial dilution techniques such that each culture well contains just one clone (monoclonality), you need to carry out a significant amount of liquid handling. Sartorius’s Picus® Nxt Electronic Pipette is the lightest electronic pipette on the market, with superior design, providing maximum pipetting convenience.

The Picus® Nxt Electronic Pipette makes your routine pipetting work much easier, with user benefits, such as:

  • functions storage and easy activation of the dilution protocol
  • multi-dispensing mode
  • microplate tracker

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