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Cell Line Selection/Identification 

Early identification of the best performing cell lines is crucial for the success of your mAb cell line development program.

Sartorius’s cell analysis platforms and services can help you find your best clones, fast. 

Our Cellca Cell Line Development Service can generate your MCBs from DNA in only 4 months, and our cell analysis platforms help you with high-throughput selection of your top producing cell lines.

iQue®️ Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform combined with the iQue®️ Human IgG Titer & Viability Kit

Make better decisions when ranking and selecting production clones with the rapid and simultaneous evaluation of IgG titer, specific productivity, and cell health. Use a single assay on a single platform: just mix, measure, and discover with the iQue3 and iQue®️ Human IgG Titer & Viability Kit.

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Octet® Label-Free Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) Detection Systems

Sialic Acid (GlyS) Kit - High throughput Glycan Screening of Crude and Purified Samples.

No sample purification or digestion required; reduces preparation time by up to 3 hours. Screen for samples with desired sialylation levels – high, medium or low. Combine titer data with sialic acid data for more informed decisions.

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Ambr® 15 Automated Microscale Bioreactor System

Ambr® 15, a high-throughput automated microscale bioreactor for predictive cell line and media screening, enables you to rapidly evaluate multiple bioreactor cultures at microscale, thus increasing your productivity in cell line development and saving on materials and labor.

Ambr® 15 has been proven by industry leaders to provide better scalability than a shake flask and has transformed cell line development in many leading biopharma companies worldwide.

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Sartoclear® Dynamics Lab P15 and Lab V and Sartolab® Multistation

Quickly and easily prepare your clarified supernatant with your target molecule with Sartoclear® Dynamics Lab, a simplified, small-scale mammalian cell harvest workflow to prepare samples of your antibody lead candidates for further analysis.

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Microsart® AMP Mycoplasma Kit

Mycoplasma are widespread contaminants in cell culture. Given their tiny size (~0.3-0.8 µm), mycoplasma cannot be visualized by microscopy. Cultivation-based detection takes 28 days, and even then, the colonies are difficult to visualize with the naked eye. Mycoplasma-contaminated products present a human health risk, so you must confirm your cell lines are uncontaminated.

Microsart® qPCR kits offer a safe and rapid method for early detection of mycoplasma contamination. It’s fast, highly specific and compliant with international guidelines.

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Cell Line Service

Sartorius Cell Line Development Service

Reduce your early stage development timeline by several months with our Cellca CHO expression platform.

Accelerate your cell line development. With our easy-to-use, robust, and scalable platform, go from DNA to Research Cell Bank (RCB) in just 14 weeks. We have over 120 mammalian (CHO) cell lines to express biologics.

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Application Note

From Mammalian Cell Cultures to Pure Proteins: Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Significantly Reduces Cell Harvest Time

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Application Note

Rapid Mammalian Cell Harvest without Centrifugation for Antibody Purification Using the Sartoclear Dynamics Lab Filtration System

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GEN Tutorial

Simplified Small-Scale Harvest of CHO Cells for mAb Analytics

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Application Note:

The Mouse IgG Type and Titer Kit is a single, multiplexed assay that simultaneously quantifies IgG isotype, IgG quantity per isotype, total IgG secretion, cell count and cell health

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White Paper:

Analytical Power Tools Open Upstream Bioprocessing Bottlenecks

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Body Feed Filtration – the Novel Method for Rapid Harvesting of Mammalian Cell Cultures 

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Accelerating Nanobody Discovery Workflows with High-Throughput Flow Cytometry

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Product Sheet: Mycoplasma Assays for qPCR

PDF | 215.6 KB

Brochure: Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Convenient Mammalian Cell Culture Harvesting

PDF | 1.8 MB

Brochure: Introducing Cy-Clone PLUS — The Fastest Way to the Best Clones

PDF | 3.8 MB

Application Note: Minimizing Syringe Filter Usage in Harvesting Monoclonal Antibodies from CHO Cell Culture Supernatants

PDF | 183.8 KB

Application Note: Vivaflow® 200: A Critical Sample Preparation Tool for Concentrating Hybridoma Supernatants

PDF | 211.7 KB

Concentration of Mammalian Cell Culture Supernatants with Vivaspin® Turbo 15 and Amicon® Ultra-15 Devices

PDF | 427.9 KB

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