Antibody Discovery

Identification and characterization of your antibody candidates

When screening candidates, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are a priority. To take you from a research molecule to a working drug, we designed tools that enable rapid identification and characterization of your candidates and real-time visualization of the effects of your antibodies in cell cultures.

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Intellicyt iQue Screener

Identify and characterize candidates quickly with our high-throughput, multiplexed system with fast and easy data visualization.

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IncuCyte S3 System for Quantifying the Effects of Your Antibody

Measure kinetic effects of your antibody treatment on target cells directly inside your incubator.

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Picus Nxt Reliable Electronic Pipette for Regulated Laboratories

Upgrade your workflow with our password-protected ergonomic pipette that does the work for you and keeps track of your protocols.

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