Connected, Continuous Ultrafiltration and Diafiltration

Propel Productivity and Reduce Footprint Challenges with Intensified TFF Steps 

Single Pass TFF combines Sartoflow® SP and Sartocon® SP that simplifies ultrafiltration and diafiltration with an inflow process mode. Compared to classical TFF methods, it reduces processing and setup time by 66%, system footprint up to 50%, and buffer usage by 15% — while increasing efficiency by a magnitude of 1.5. 

Sartoflow® SP: Inflow TFF system that runs a continuous concentration and diafiltration process 

Sartocon® SP: 3-channel TFF cassettes, designed for SPTFF, featuring a unique flow chamber that allows for full-length diafiltration across the feed channel. These cassettes are available in a self-contained 0.2 m² format and are equipped with a 30 kDa Hydrosart® membrane. They come pre-flushed and gamma-irradiated, complete with AseptiQuik® S connectors. 

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Improve Productivity

Continuous operation to support high g/m2 product loading​ .

Improve Product Quality

​​Low mechanical stress and shear for the molecule of interest, reducing thermal and physical degradation to enhance product quality.

​​Reduce Cost and Propel Productivity​ 

​​Unique design reduces the footprint for the core process and accessories​.

Simplify and Streamline Processing With SPTFF 

Ready to take bioprocessing to the next level? Watch our latest video to learn how to reduce your system footprint and buffer usage compared to classic TFF. Single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) offers a 20x improvement in up-to downtime ratio, 15% reduced buffer usage, 60% footprint reduction, and a 50% increase in process efficiency.

Overview of Single Pass Tangential Flow Filtration

SPTFF Simplifies UF & DF ​​ for mAb Purification, Concentration and Buffer Exchange 

SPTFF enables monoclonal antibody (mAb) manufacturers to reduce setup time and improve efficiency compared to classical tangential flow filtration (TFF). 

  • ​​Sartoflow® SP & Sartocon® SP improve productivity and cost-effectiveness for mAb manufacturing 
  • Reduces space requirements and enables continuous manufacturing
  • Hydrosart® membrane can pass fluids for weeks without losing capacity and performance 

Click the   signs to learn more about how SPTFF simplifies ultrafiltration through an inflow process mode.

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We tested the Sartocon® SP module against another in-line diafiltration filter and found that the Sartocon® SP used less buffer to achieve a 5x diafiltration than the competing unit. Because it has a single buffer inlet rather than six or more separate inlets, it is significantly easier to configure in a flow kit, and only a single-channel buffer pump is required. This feature decreases the complexity and cost of the single-use elements, makes it easier to control flow, and further increases the efficiency of the diafiltration. Additionally, the configuration of the Sartocon® unit lends itself to easy integration into any existing TFF system since it can be supplied pre-sterilized with aseptic connectors or as a complete integrated custom flow kit.

Single Pass TFF System Benefits


Continuous Volumetric Productivity

  • Continuously diafiltrate over 4 weeks (28 days) without decreasing flux performance 
  • Less membrane needed for higher product throughput (performance per use ranges between 1.2 Kg of mAb/m² up to 25 Kg of mAb/m² )  
  • Intensified & highly efficient diafiltration with simultaneous feed stream concentration


Ultrafiltration (UF) and Diafiltration (DF) Capabilities in a Single Module

  • Standalone DF efficiency reproducible to classical  
  • Flexibility of DF only | UF only | Both combined simultaneously  
  • System is designed as a process development tool to establish and optimize SPTFF processes steps 
  • Save up to 15% buffer & perform concentrations in 2/3 of the footprint 


Maximize Process Run with Ready to Use 

  • All cassette paths are embedded in a single gamma irraditated module
  • Proven performance in mAb, blood, plasma, and vaccine applications
  • Long-term DF trials successful (several kg mAb over three weeks) 


Identical Critical Design & Material Factors to Classic Sartorius TFF 

  • Membranes
  • Screens
  • Self-contained unit cassette design

Classic vs SPTFF: Boost Protein Filtration & Quality

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Sartoflow® SP- Enabling Single Pass (SP) Continuous Diafiltration

PDF | 468.9 KB

Sartocon® SP - Self-contained Tangential Flow Filtration Cassettes for Diafiltration in a Single Pass

PDF | 348.2 KB

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