Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Process Solutions

Spanning production capacity needs with maximum equipment utilization. Mitigate the risk of operator error and significantly reduce your development time in both single-use or hybrid processes. Our solutions provide high-performance from process development to commercial manufacturing in various upstream and downstream bioprocessing steps, including cell harvest, clarification, perfusion, ultrafiltration, and diafiltration.

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TFF Systems

Choose from high throughput Ambr® Crossflow for screening, configurable Sartoflow® instruments from early process development up to clinical scales or scale up to dedicated cGMP compliant preconfigured systems or multifunctional platforms up to commercial scale.

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TFF Cassettes

Spend less time cleaning, sanitizing, steaming, and sterilizing. Reach high performance with Sartorius TFF cassettes, available in a wide range of molecular weight cut-offs, single-use or re-usable formats and sizes.

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TFF Holders

The Sartocon® and Sartoflow® families of Sartorius TFF filter holders feature the latest advances in TFF design for full flexibility. Providing predictable performance from process volumes down to scaling studies and process development.

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Hollow Fiber TFF

Sartorius hollow fiber tangential flow filtration (TFF) modules provide high-performance separation in various upstream and downstream bioprocessing unit operations, including cell harvest, clarification, perfusion, diafiltration and concentration

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Process Filtration Solutions


Sartorius End-to-End – Single-Use Downstream Solutions

Learn how Sartorius’ new single-use technologies meet the growing demands of clinical commercial biopharmaceutical environments.

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