Sartoflow® 150 Small-Scale Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration System

Optimized Small-Scale Single-Use TFF Processing

The Sartoflow® 150 single-use tangential flow filtration (SUTFF) system is easy to use and offers all of the critical sensors for running ultrafiltration (UF) and diafiltration (DF) processes for 2 – 20 L batch volumes. The system layout features a minimum recirculation loop to ensure final target volumes are achieved while providing excellent product recovery.

Device Country Availability | Sartoflow® 150 is only available in North America.

Efficiency for PD & preclinical scale processes

Designed for efficiency in SUTFF applications with batches from 2 L up to 20 L using 0.1 m2 – 0.4 m2 TFF cassettes.

Fully single-use flow kit

A range of single-use sensors provide the flexibility to measure pressure, flow, conductivity, temperature and UV

High product yields

Low-shear 4-piston membrane pump is suitable for low-shear applications, enabling a flow range of 5 to 150 L per hour

Single-Use TFF for Smaller Batch Volumes

The Sartoflow® 150 is a semi-automated single-use tangential flow filtration system (SUTFF) designed for pilot or small-scale process ultrafiltration and diafiltration (UF/DF) applications of 2–20 L batch volumes.

  • Easy to use
  • Single-use sensors
  • Low recirculation volume
  • Excellent product recovery
  • 0.1 – 0.4 m2 cassette area
  • Automated transmembrane pressure (TMP) control

System Functionality

The Sartoflow® 150 system is designed to generate scalable data in small-scale process development activities and is compliant with good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations. The Sartoflow® single-use components and design approach are consistent across our SUTFF systems so that projects can be scaled up from the Sartoflow® 150 system to the larger Sartoflow® SUTFF systems.

Control System

The Sartoflow® 150 offers automated transmembrane pressure (TMP) control and retentate biocontainer weight control. Operators can set the diafiltration pump to automatically control the pump speed to maintain a constant mass in the retentate biocontainer according to the defined input weight.

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General Specification


115 kg


1,079 × 764 × 1,228 mm (nominal)


CFR21 Part 11 available

System Specification

Membrane Area

0.1 m2 – 0.4 m2

Vessel Volume

5 L, 10 L or 20 L

Flow Rate / Pump Capacity - Recirculation 

Flow range 5-150 L/h

Flow Rate / Pump Capacity - Media Addition Pumps

Up to 54 L/h

Minimum Recirculation Volume

130 mL

Process Mode (Multi-Use / Single-Use)


Max Pressure

4 barg | 58 psig

Wettware Specification

Tube ID

3/8" (9.6 mm) feed/retentate

Sensor Options

Pressure, flow, conductivity, temperature & UV

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Sartoflow® 150 Single-use Tangential Flow Filtration System

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Technical Note

Summary of Extractables from Sartoflow® Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration (SUTFF) Flow Kits

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