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Embedding and Enabling the Power of the Umetrics Suite

“Why build something complicated and hard to maintain when there are pre-factored build blocks available and ready to be implemented with no need to lose valuable time?”

Sartorius Data Analytics drives the implementation and adaptation of Industry 4.0 and the use of Smart Data with easy to use software algorithms, code or full executable programs ready to be applied.

Do you want to find and be able to use more information from your data and to get more value out of your application than your competitors? Our mission is to help you to embed Advanced Data Analytics into your solution in an easy way.

The amount of data collected every second, minute or even per day is already enormous and with decision makers pushing the boundaries for how to use and take advantage of all or parts of the data. The need is now and any delay will impact the future and we can help with the business case and guide the uncertain to become real winners.

The biggest challenge for companies today are to scan their available data regardless if they are big, small, fast, historical, real-time, cloud or on-premises to extract and evaluate the relevant parts that enhances the analysis with new useful information and insight.

When there is a need for using Multivariate Data Analysis and Design of Experiments, we work close together with various Industries and many Government Regulators to enable the best possible software applications for users interested in for example PAT, QbD and Process Automation.

Benefits of embedding Advanced Data Analytics

  • Embed Design of Experiments in an easy and robust way
  • Execute SIMCA® models in your application
  • Add monitoring, prediction or control using Multivariate Data Analysis to your application
  • Make real-time decisions based on your Edge data
  • Build your own Quality Assurance/Quality Control report using MVDA – fast and easy!

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Simplify - Empower – Embed

MODDE®-Q simplifies and enables the power of Design of Experiments for setting up routine screening, optimization or robustness testing within any application or instruments setup.

The user can work within a recognized but customized interface and focus on the results and the use of the instrumentation and not so much about the maths or algorithms behind the solution.

It reduces the risk of human errors by automating data transfer, modeling, making predictions and powerful visualization in a structured way.

MODDE®-Q comes with all the functionality available in our stand-alone software MODDE® Pro.

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Automate - Customize – Embed

SIMCA®-Q simplifies and speeds up Multivariate Data Analysis routine work in a user-recognized environment, allowing you to focus on the results. It also reduces the risk of human errors by automating multivariate modeling or predictions in a structured way.

Get more from your system by customizing SIMCA®-Q to suit your need.

SIMCA®-Q can be the driving multivariate gear in your infrastructure solution. Simply embed it to instantly get high-performance, in-memory multivariate processing of your data. It’s small, easy to integrate on multiple platforms, and delivers powerful, state-of-the-art multivariate data analysis for making more sense out of mountains of data.

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Different industries, different needs - Making integration easy for OEMs

Umetrics Suite’ applications are designed for simplifying areas such as Digitalization, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Pharma 4.0, Smart Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Internet of Things, Digital Workspace, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Data, Big Data, Personalization, Data Mining, Data Integrity, Automation, PAT, Quality by Design, Design Space, Multivariate Calibration using spectroscopic instrumentation, Computational Chemistry, QSAR, toxic-genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics.

MODDE®-Q enables easy integration of Design of Experiments, while SIMCA®-Q and SimApi simplify integration of our Multivariate Data Analysis technology.

Feature toggling opens for the use of only the relevant parts and enables “only pay for what you need and use”.

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