Real-Time Process Intelligence to Raise Your Manufacturing IQ

When your manufacturing process drifts from its optimal operating conditions, you need to know about it—before it has a chance to affect product quality or yield. SIMCA®-online monitors your production processes in real-time for a continuous snapshot of operations. Our proprietary multivariate prediction technology gives you early warning of process anomalies that will affect the end product. With this real-time process intelligence, your production team can proactively drive the best possible outcomes. And that means you can ensure consistent product quality, maximize productivity, and prevent costly re-work or scrapping.

Are you confident your process is on track to meet quality targets? Do you wish you could cut down on complexity and decipher process control data more quickly and easily?  What if you could easily visualize and interpret the behavior of all your processes at a glance, with just a few clicks? Find out how SIMCA®-online uses multivariate data analysis (MVDA) modeling to eliminate the complexity of traditional process monitoring so you get clear actionable insights—exactly when you need them, no matter where you are. 

SIMCA®-online is the First Choice for Real-Time Batch Process Monitoring.

  • Increased process visibility from end-to-end with Control Advisor dashboard
  • Highly accurate end point prediction and forecasting
  • Real-time analysis of vital parameters and their correlation patterns
  • Early fault detection and warning of process deviations
  • Interactive visuals for instant insights and guidance on corrective and preventative actions
  • Batch to batch comparison at a glance
  • Process intelligence to maximize productivity and improve product quality

Benefit From the Unique Power of SIMCA®-online

Save Time and Money in Production

SIMCA®-online takes advantage of the latest advanced analytics to detect when your process is deviating from the ideal and provide insight into the underlying causes.  This means less time and resources spent on root cause analysis, and added profit from batches that would otherwise be scrapped or require costly re-work. 

Proactively Improve Product Quality

With accurate prediction, forecasting and validation of the final quality attributes, quality control can take place ahead of production finish.  In addition, SIMCA®-online Control Advisor provides guidance on how to change the process to reach a better end state, so operators can take proactive steps to improve product quality.

Minimize Risk and Ensure Compliance

SIMCA®-online makes it easy to implement best practice for continued process verification, helping you safeguard vital processes and ensure compliance with quality standards, regulations and industry guidance for good manufacturing practice such as 21 CFR part 11.

Learn More About Batch Process Modeling Using MVDA

Discover the secrets of overviewing batch data tables and learn how to build robust predictive models that turn data into decisions. Using the latest multivariate techniques, participants will learn how to interpret complex data quickly and confidently.

The course is composed of lectures, demonstrations and computer exercises in SIMCA® software, based on real-life datasets. 

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SIMCA-online 16.1.2 Help 

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Implementation Guide - SIMCA®-online 16.1.2

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Web Client 16.1.2 Installation Guide

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Technical Guide - SIMCA®-online

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Quick Guide to Using Python Preprocessing Scripts in SIMCA®-online

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Validation Report SIMCA-online 16.1.2 

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SIMCA-online 16.1.1 Validation Plan and Report Numerical

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SIMCA-online 16.1.1 Validation Package Numerical

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Validation Report SIMCA®-online 16

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