Future-Proof Your CDMO

Learn How to Use Data Analytics To Improve Processes and Generate Revenue for your CDMO

Growing competition and the trend toward digitalization in the biopharma industry means that in order to keep up, you need to leverage your CDMO's most important asset: data.

Leveraging your data can help you realize:

  • Quality and Regulatory Assurance through enhanced process understanding and control
  • Increased Partner Trust through increased external collaboration and process transparency
  • Maximized Revenue through COGs optimization and accelerated delivery times

How Can CDMOs Unlock the Value of Data?

Data is the new oil. However, just like oil, data needs to be refined and properly put to work. Sartorius Data Analytics is the leading provider of advanced data analytics solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry. Our data refinement offerings include MODDE®, for design of experiments, SIMCA® for multivariate data analysis, and SIMCA®-online for real-time process monitoring.

Design of Experiments

QbD and DOE Software

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Multivariate Data Analysis

Multivariate Data Analysis Software

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Real Time Process Monitoring Software

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Achieving profitability, growth and staying ahead of competitors means leveraging one of your most important assets: data. As the CDMO market consolidates and becomes more competitive, those who tap into the real value of data can use it to gain recognition as strategic differentiators, provide market leadership, and ultimately become more profitable.

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Customer Case Story

FUJIFILM  Case Story

FUJIFILM uses SIMCA® and SIMCA®-online to accelerate chromatography review for faster and more reliable operations.

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Abzena Poster

Abzena optimizes membrane chromatography screening and scale-up for an Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) with MODDE®.

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Piramal Poster

Piramal Pharma Solutions employs MODDE® DOE to determine robust setpoints for an Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) process.

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MODDE Design of Experiments Software

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