Advance Your Career 

The industry is subjected to many key drivers for change including improved efficiency, reduced time to market, ability to adapt to changing market conditions and digitalization.  

Attend one of our trainings to improve your data analytics skills and learn how to get more value from your data.  

We are offering various trainings to fit your applications and needs and here you can find out what suits you. 

In-House Trainings

Give your team the advantage of in-house training which brings some of our top courses and teachers on data analytics to your doorstep. A whole group of colleagues being trained together at the same time has a positive, synergistic effect and provides opportunities for in-depth discussions on the specifics of your own application areas. 

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Upcoming Courses

Get started with Data Analytics. Sign up for one of our in-person courses that we offer at various locations around the world. The course duration varies from 2-3 days depending on the course. 

We provide training in: 

  • Design of Experiments 

  • Quality by Design and Design Space 

  • Multivariate Data Analytics  

  • Batch Process Modelling using MVDA 

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Watch our recorded webinars when you have the time or sign up for a live webinar. We offer webinars on various topics, some of them are at a beginner level with introduction to Design of Experiments, Quality by Design, Multivariate Data Analytics and Real-time Monitoring and some represent a deep-dive into specific topics. We also invite quest speakers to do joint webinars with us on timely topics.

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