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SIMCA®-online is a solution for real-time process modelling and monitoring of cell-culture processes. It can be used in process development and commercial production. SIMCA®-online provides dashboards that let operators quickly see when processes are operating as they should, start to deviate or when deviations occur. Being fully compatible with SIMCA® 17, the release of SIMCA®-online 17 offers a number of new features relating to improved performance, expanded capabilities and better user-experience.

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What Will You Learn:
  • Learn about the basics of real-time process monitoring
  • Understand the power of SIMCA®-online for monitoring cell culture processes
  • See the features enabling improved performance, capabilities and user-experience

Meet Our Experts:

Dr. Jon Gabrielsson

Product Manager

Jon Gabrielsson got his PhD from Umeå University in 2004 and then did a post doc in process analytical technology. Since then, Jon has worked with applications of DOE and MVDA in a variety of different roles and different companies, including Umetrics. In 2012 Jon joined IT Support and System Development (ITS) at Umeå University where he worked as a system developer with focus on testing in the system for national application for higher education in Sweden. At ITS he has mainly worked with various aspects of quality assurance.

Jon rejoined Sartorius in 2021 as PM for Umetrics® Suite. 

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