Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis System: Incucyte® SX1

Our most economical choice for live-cell imaging and analysis. Designed with the small lab in mind, the Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System allows you to see what your cells are doing and when, all from the stable environment of a tissue culture incubator. Leverage up to two total fluorescence channels simultaneously for long-term time-lapse experiments. 

Enjoy walk-away convenience as images are automatically acquired and analyzed in a variety of formats. Insight, accuracy and reliability is available at every step in the process. 

Key Features:

  • Robust application suite – More than 25 validated applications for 2D and 3D cell cultures
  • Two-color Green/Red fluorescence plus HD Phase imaging
  • 10X objective single position use – 4X or 20X objectives available separately
  • Interchangeable tray to support over 700 vessels, up to two microplates in parallel

The Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System provides remote network capability and unlimited free user licenses to allow access to your cells 24 hours a day. Keep an eye on your budget and fast track your research with automation at every step! 

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Protective Shield

Relevant Environment

Cell cultures remain undisturbed inside the stable environment of the incubator as optics move below to capture biological changes

Product Hub

Remote, Networked Access

Access and control instruments remotely from anywhere, anytime. Perfect for routine assay monitoring and critical for restricted lab conditions


Purpose-Built Software

User-friendly software supports scientists working with diverse cell models, simplifying complex assays and producing reliable, publication-ready data

Idea in Mind

Insight at Every Step

Seamlessly transition from one step in your workflow to the next with interchangeable trays to support tissue culture flasks, dishes or multi-well pla...


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Key Features

Simple, Flexible Sample Prep

  • Compatible with a wide range of applications and culture vessels 
  • Maximize efficiency while reducing artifacts with Incucyte® Reagents for live-cell assays

Set Up & Walk Away

  • Streamlined experimental set up
  • Remote, networked access

Acquire and View Images Over Time

  • Fluorescence and HD phase imaging modes
  • Minimize cell disturbance with a mobile optical train

Analyze in Real-Time

  • Efficient and reproducible image analysis
  • Powerful visualization of images and kinetic measurements

Incucyte® SX1 Applications

Incucyte®'s live-cell applications provide real-time insight into morphological and phenotypic changes for pathway and mechanistic studies by observing time and cell dependent treatment effects. Capable of working with rare or expensive cell types, you can validate cell morphology and phenotype at all stages of cell maintenance and modification, and analyze a wide range of phenotypic cell-based assays. With Incucyte®, you can make informed decisions, optimize workflows, and accelerate your next discovery.

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Imaging Vessels

 The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems are compatible with a wide range of culture vessels – currently over 700 and growing! From 6-well to 384-well microtiter plates to standard tissue culture flasks, the Incucyte® can support your live-cell imaging and analysis needs.

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SX1 Specifications




Optical System

Fluorescence Channels


Optical Module 


Label-Free HD Phase Imaging


10X (included)
4X (available for purchase)
20X (available for purchase

Objective Automation 

Manual swap 

Multi-User Support

Remote Network Capability
Unlimited, Free user licenses


Incubator Size 

>200 L required

Incubation to 42°C

Software Module Compatibility

Incucyte® Cell-by-Cell 
Incucyte® Spheroid
Incucyte® Cell Migration 
Incucyte® Chemotaxis 
Incucyte® Neurotrack 
Incucyte® Angiogenesis 
Incucyte® AI Cell Health 

Capacity and Vesselware Compatibility 

Interchangeable Trays


Microplate Capacity 


Microplate Compatibility 

6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384-well

Flask Compatibility 

T-25, T-50, T-75, T-100, T-175

Other Labware Compatibility

35mm, 60mm, 100mm, 150mm dishes and chamber slides

Computing and Storage 

Operating System

64-bit Windows 10

Controller Data Storage

27.3 TB

Expandable RAID Storage

Add an additional 32.7 TB of storage with Incustore

Controller Memory

64 GB

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Product Resources


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Incucyte® — Reagents, Consumables and Software

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Incucyte - Empower Live-Cell Analysis Inside Your Incubator

Live-Cell Analysis Systems Brochure

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FAQ for Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis Instrument: Incucyte® SX1


Fluorescent channels vary depending on the instrument. In the case of the Incucyte® SX1 is equipped with two-color Green/Red fluorescence plus HD Phase imaging.

The Incucyte® itself is not an incubator but sits within a standard tissue culture incubator so cells are maintained in a physiologically relevant environment. For the Incucyte® SX1, an incubator larger than 200L is recommended. 

The Incucyte® SX1 is a great budget-friendly option that can support the same applications as an Incucyte® S3, but at a lower throughput for smaller labs with less users. It is an ideal option for labs who are looking for a model that better suits their budget. In addition, the Incucyte® SX1 can be upgraded to an Incucyte® S3 if the additional features and an increased throughput is needed in the future.

What to Expect from our Virtual Demo  

Because we want to provide the best and most relevant support to your research, Sartorius experts are available to demonstrate the features and benefits of our live-cell imaging and analysis systems in a personalized manner. 

  • Initial consultation with your local support team to understand your interests
  • Virtual demo at no cost to you!
  • Total demo time would be 2-4 hours, depending on number of applications

See how the Incucyte® can support your research needs, from setting up an assay to analyzing and exporting your data.

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