Handbook: 6th Edition Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis

6th Edition Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis Handbook — A Companion Guide for Incucyte® Users

Author: Lindy O’Clair, Jenna Shean, Bernadett Kolozsvari, et al. | Last updated: Oct 03, 2022


The Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis Handbook is a comprehensive reference guide for live-cell analysis technologies, focusing on the complete suite of Incucyte® live-cell instruments, assays, reagents, and integrated software analysis tools. This publication is updated annually to reflect the latest Incucyte® offerings.

The 6th edition handbook focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and new AI-driven software available for the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems. The new Incucyte® AI Confluence Analysis (now offered with the Incucyte® Base Analysis Software), is our first to use neural network that was trained using input from a wide range of cell types. It can accurately segment cells across different cell types and morphologies, greatly simplifying image processing to a single analysis.  This handbook also features the new the new Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software Module, which uses the same approach for label-free, AI-driven segmentation and quantification of live versus dead cells.

This new edition also introduces genetically encoded kinetic biosensor assays for analyzing cancer cells, including the Incucyte® Kinase Akt Assay for measuring dynamic changes in Akt activity, a serine/threonine kinase that is upregulated in various cancers.  Other applications covered include cell culture quality control assays and kinetic assays for cell health and proliferation, cell function, cell movement and morphology, and assays for complex 3D models such as organoids.  

  • Document type: Digital Book / PDF / 65.4 MB
  • Page count: 381
  • Read time: 12hr 00min

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Key Takeaways

  • A comprehensive and interactive digital guide, to real-time, live-cell imaging and analysis including links to application pages, videos, and protocols
  • New chapter on genetically encoded biosensors for studying bioprocesses in cancer cells, including a new section highlighting the Incucyte® Kinase Akt translocation biosensor.
  • New chapter on the power of artificial intelligence in image analysis
  • New sections on label-free, AI-driven analysis of cell confluence and viability

Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis 6th Edition Handbook: Table of Contents...

1. Introducing Real-Time Live-Cell Analysis

2. From Images to Answers

3. The Power of AI and Image Analysis (New!)

4. Cell Culture Quality Control Assays

  • 4a. 2D Cell Culture Quality Control
  • 4b. Organoid Culture Quality Control

5. Kinetic Cell Health, Proliferation and Viability Assays

  • 5a. Kinetic Proliferation Assay 
  • 5b. Kinetic Apoptosis Assays
  • 5c. Kinetic Cytotoxicity Assays
  • 5d. Kinetic Assays for Studying Cell Cycle

6. Kinetic Biosensor Assays in Cancer Cells (New!)

  • 6a. Kinetic Assays for Monitoring ATP and Mitochondrial integrity
  • 6b. Kinetic Assays for Measuring Kinase Akt Activity (New!)

7. Kinetic Assays for Studying Immune Cell Models

  • 7a. Kinetic Assays for Immune Cell Activation and Proliferation
  • 7b. Kinetic Assays for Immune Cell Killing
  • 7c. Kinetic Assays for NETosis
  • 7d. Kinetic Assays for Immune Cell Differentiation, Phagocytosis and Chemotaxis

8. Kinetic Cell Migration and Invasion Assays

  • 8a. Kinetic Scratch Wound Assays
  • 8b. Kinetic Chemotaxis Assays
  • 8c. Kinetic Transendothelial Migration Assays

9. Kinetic Assays for Quantifying Protein Dynamics

  • 9a. Kinetic Antibody Internalization Assays
  • 9b. Kinetic Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry Assays

10. Kinetic Assays for Utilizing Complex Models

  • 10a. Kinetic Multi-Spheroid Assays
  • 10b. Kinetic Single-Spheroid Assays
  • 10c. Single Spheroid Invasion Assays
  • 10d. Embedded Organoid Assay

11. Kinetic Assays for Studying Neuronal Models

  • 11a. Kinetic Neurite Analysis Assays
  • 11b. Kinetic Neuronal Activity Assays 
  • 11c. Kinetic Neuroimmune Assays 

12. Label-Free AI-Driven and Advanced Cell Analysis

  • 12a. Kinetic Cell-by-Cell Analysis
  • 12b. Kinetic Advanced Label-Free Classification Analysis
  • 12c. Kinetic AI Confluence Analysis (New!)
  • 12d. Kinetic AI Cell Health Analysis (New!)

13. Appendix: Live-Cell Assay Protocols & Product Guides

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