Maximize Organoid Insight Using Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis

Advances in human disease research, specifically regenerative medicine and precision therapies have resulted from ground-breaking work using in vitro 3D cell culture models. These advanced cell models have been shown to display structural, morphogenetic and functional properties that resemble in vivo pathophysiology, creating a complex cell model for predictive and translational research. However, to establish and accelerate organoid relevance to clinical outcomes, approaches are required that can reduce variability while also increasing insight.  Innovations in culturing ex vivo human models has opened a world of scientific possibilities but are still limited by the technologies used to characterize these complex cell models.

  • May introduce variability due to lack of environmental control and inadequate 3D Cell Culture protocols that compromise organoid cell health
  • Low-throughput and do not scale for screening
  • Subjective random assessment of organoid cell growth, death or morphology
  • Involve time-consuming, expensive and manual processes for acquisition of organoid images
  • Require third party software for end point analysis, or additional fluorescent marker - with limited quantitative information

The Incucyte® Organoid Assay addresses the challenges of 3D organoid workflows, through integration of an optimized assay protocol and software solution that enables real time, label-free analysis for efficient, reliable, multiparametric monitoring of organoids in physiologically relevant conditions. Drive organoid insights and the development of novel therapies with ease using the Incucyte® Organoid Analysis Software Module.

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Incucyte® Organoid Assay Application

It is now possible to automatically acquire and assess organoids in a pathophysiological relevant environment continuously

Assess relevant data in 3D cell culture models through temporal, label-free image acquisition and analysis. The Incucyte® Organoid Assay uses an established protocol and purpose-built software, for continuous acquisition and objective analysis of organoid size, count and morphology in a microplate format all from inside your incubator.

Track and standardize the analysis of organoids embedded in Matrigel® over time, to generate reproducible, physiological relevant data without disturbing your cultures.

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Key Advantages

Locate and Analyze Organoids Automatically

Track organoids embedded in Matrigel® continuously to assess growth and morphology characteristics.

Figure 1. Kinetically monitor distinct organoid phenotypes using the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System. Mouse intestinal, hepatic and healthy human brain organoids were seeded (50% Matrigel®) into 96-well plates and imaged in an Incucyte®. Brightfield videos taken 3d post seeding and images show cell type specific morphology & growth characteristics in 3D cell cultures.

Quantify Organoid Growth / Death using Label-free Analysis

Perform real-time, multiparametric analysis of organoids to better predict therapeutic outcomes using the Incucyte® Organoid Analysis Software Module.

Vehicle (0.1% DMSO)

Intestinal Vehicle

Staurosporine (1 µM)

Intestinal Staurosporine

Hepatic Vehicle

Hepatic Staurosporine

Figure 2. Perform automated label free quantification of organoids. Mouse intestinal (1:6 split) and hepatic organoids (1K cells/well) were embedded in Matrigel® (50%) in 96-well plates and imaged over 4 - 10 days. Time-lapse videos and corresponding time-courses of brightfield area demonstrate that vehicle treated organoids increase in size over time while Staurosporine exhibits inhibitory effects on organoid growth in 3D cell cultures.

Figure 3.  Measure changes in organoid morphological features in response to compound treatment. Brightfield images show hepatic organoids (1K cells/well) ± protein kinase inhibitor Staurosporine (1 µM, STP). Vehicle treated organoids increase in size & number while a marked reduction is observed in the presence of STP. Images (zoomed in) and time-course data also demonstrate that in the presence of STP organoids lose distinctive rounded phenotype (increased eccentricity) and increase in darkness over time.

Improve Efficiency and Reproducibility

Increase data consistency using an established protocol to reproducibly form organoids in 96-well plate assay format.

Figure 4. Incucyte® lab tested Organoid Assay protocol. An established simple workflow to reproducibly generate organoids for high-throughput image-based characterization.

Figure 5. Easy to use guided interface. Automated image and analysis tools provide a ‘set up and walk away’ experience. Track organoid growth and death in 3D cell cultures using 96-well plates in real time anywhere.

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Incucyte® Organoid Analysis Software Module
(Module available for Incucyte® SX5, S3, SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System.)

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Literature and Documentation


Advancements In Organoid Analysis

Download this comprehensive guide to explore various methods for characterizing and analyzing organoids

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Incucyte® Organoid Analysis Software Module 1-sheet

Make Informed Decisions About Complex Organoid Cultures

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Incucyte® Organoid Assay Protocol

A solution for monitoring and quantifying the growth and death of organoids embedded in Matrigel® in 96-well flat bottom plates

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Label-Free, Real-Time Live-Cell Assays for 3D Organoids Embedded in Ma...

Simplify and facilitate temporal assessment of organoid growth or death, through integrated, real-time label-free metrics.

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