Dilution Cloning

Use whole-well, label-free imaging to automatically scan for clones and verify monoclonality. Integrated image processing identifies wells containing emerging colonies, allowing for the rapid identification of clones of interest.

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Live-Cell Analysis Handbook: 6th Edition

Discover how the power of artificial intelligence for label-free, live-cell imaging and analysis is moving research forward and driving deeper discove...

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Gain additional insights into the mechanism of immune cell killing by combining live cell analysis and flow cytometry into a single workflow

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Key Advantages

Key Advantages

Never miss a colony

Quickly review vessels and 96-well plates for colonies from your desk. Eliminates requirement to manually inspect cells from a benchtop microscope

Verify monoclonality

Use time-lapse images to confirm that clones truly originated from a single cell

Collect whole well images from 96-well microplates to 35mm dishes

High Definition-phase contrast imaging right up to the edge of the well

Automated image processing and integrated software tools

Automatically identify wells containing clones and track colony formation forward or backward in time. Capture colony growth metrics to identify rapidly dividing clones

Example Data

Use IncuCyte® intuitive software to rapidly scan, locate and inspect emerging colonies and track and monitor their characteristics over time.

The Incucyte® intuitive software allows you to pinpoint rare events to track and monitor their characteristics over time, such as morphology and growth rate, using digital marking tools. Easy-to-use navigation tools like the "Go To" function also enable you to move easily from one point of interest to the next.

Technical Resources

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Incucyte® Reagents, Consumables and Software

PDF | 8.8 MB

8000-0247-A00 - Whole Well Imaging Technical Note

PDF | 1.6 MB

8000-0259-D00 - Dilution Cloning

PDF | 1.2 MB

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