Incucyte® Reagents & Consumables

Incucyte® Reagents & Consumables 

Sartorius offers a range of reagents, kits and consumables specifically designed around your application needs to enable long-term, kinetic live-cell imaging and analysis. Obtain specific and robust measurements of cell health, movement and function with optimized, turnkey solutions allowing you to connect phenotype and function with pathological processes. Getting biologically relevant information has never been easier!

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Key Advantages

Derive meaningful data

Preserve cell health using sensitive, non-perturbing, reagents to track true, artifact-free biological responses—preservative free, sterile, or concentrated formulations suited for long term, live-cell studies.

Multiplex your experiments

Generate data rich information within a single well using fluorescent reagent combinations in adherent or non-adherent cell cultures.

Increase your productivity

Investigate a range of cell models (mono-, co- or tri-culture in 2D or 3D) using lab-tested, validated protocols to answer relevant scientific questions faster.

Visualize biological changes

Monitor and analyze cell migration and invasion continuously using purpose built consumables and automated software– all from inside your incubator.

Featured Products

Incucyte® Caspase - 3/7 Green Dye for Apoptosis

Cat. No. 4440

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Incucyte® Nuclight Rapid Red Dye for nuclear labeling

Cat. No. 4717

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Incucyte® Clearview 96-Well Plate for Chemotaxis

Cat. No. 4582

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Incucyte® Cytotox NIR Dye for counting dead cells

Cat. No. 4846

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Incucyte® Nuclight Orange Lentivirus (EF1-α, Puro) - 0.2mL

Cat. No. 4771

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Incucyte® Imagelock 96-well Plates (50 pack)

Cat. No. 4379

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