Tubing Sets and Assemblies

Single-use assemblies are essential in biomanufacturing processes but their importance can be overlooked.  Sartorius brings 20 years of experience in single-use management to every assembly design project, offering a range of solutions to accommodate process variability.   Pre-designed single-use tubing assemblies are available, or Sartorius engineers can work with you to configure a design from an extensive component library or build a completely custom assembly. Either way, our solutions optimize flexibility and allow for rapid implementation.


Plug-and-play tubing sets are robust, sterile, and ready for demanding manufacturing and rapid deployment.

Extensive Experience

A range of validated components and a vast engagement qualification library ensures Sartorius can provide pre-designed, configured or customized solutions.  

Enhanced Scalability 

Scalable assembly procedures deliver reliable quality for small and large operations.

Expert Guidance

Sartorius specialists can guide you to the best solution for your process and application needs.

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What to Consider When Defining a Tube Set

Connectors, tubing, fittings, sensors, containers, disconnections, filters... the possibilities of designing a tubing set are endless. Trust Sartorius to guide the design of tube sets in order to meet specific needs. Click through the tube set below to explore all the vast options Sartorius offers.

Sartorius tube assembly connections, engagement qualifications, are generally validated to withstand at least 1 bar pressure. A service is available if engagement performances need a different pressure rating or need to follow a specific protocol. A connection engagement qualification only reflects the pressure resistance at the point of connection and not the whole assembly. To guarantee a high degree of quality assurance throughout the life cycle of the single-use assembly, end-users will have to verify that the product is leak tight for the given process pressure requirements.

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The Importance of Tube Sets: Critical From Start to Finish

Explore why tube sets are an essential part of biopharmaceutical manufacturing assemblies, and how the right tubing assemblies ensure the entire process is ready from start to finish.

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