Mycap® Aseptic Bottle Closures

Advancing the Function, Handling and Performance of Plastic and Glass Containers

Do more with centrifuge tubes, bottles, flasks and carboys fitted with a Mycap® closure. Mycap® improves container functionality by integrating tubing with the cap, which provides practical and dependable aseptic fluid handling. The versatile platform makes it possible to adjust the number, size and material of tubes in the cap without compromising the Mycap® high-performance platinum-cured silicone seal, allowing you to configure a system that fits your process applications. 

High-Performance Closure

Plasticizer-free, platinum-cured silicone seal maintains closure integrity and retains its physical properties from -65°C to > 200° C.

Enabling Accessories and Components

From the inventive dip tube tip for maximum fluid removal to the QUICKSEAL® aseptic disconnection, Mycap® is an adaptable solution for any application.

Simplified Validation

Mycap® is built with the same, proven closure system regardless of the container or tubing materials.  Validate Mycap® once, and use it freely across the entire production process.

The Making of Mycap®

Learn more about our unique approach to manufacturing and how this unlocks the configurability of Mycap®.

A Comprehensive Family of Mycap® Bottle Closures*

Sartorius regularly adds new offerings to its Mycap® portfolio, but also provides solutions for the most popular containers and cap sizes. 
Contact us for the most up-to-date list of qualified bottle caps.

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Cap Size/Style

Common Containers


Offered As


Glass Laboratory Bottles

Duran®, Pyrex®

Standalone for field installation


Single-Use Plastic Bottles and Centrifuge Tubes

Nalgene®, Falcon®, Greiner Bio-One

Assembled system inclusive of bottle(s)


Single-Use Plastic Bottles and Carboys


Assembled system inclusive of bottle(s) or Standalone for field installation

33 mm

Single-Use Centrifuge Tubes

Falcon®, Greiner Bio-One

Assembled system inclusive of bottle(s)

33 / 38 / 48 mm
70 / 1000 mm

Plastic Erlenmeyer Flasks and Single-Use Centrifuge Tubes
Single-Use Plastic Bottles and Carboys

Falcon®, Greiner Bio-One
Nalgene®, Cellon

Assembled system inclusive of bottle(s)
or Standalone for field installation

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What Makes Mycap® Special?

High-Performance Closure

Mycap® silicone closure is plasticizer-free, stabilizer-free and has no antioxidants. The low stress-to-seal design provides a highly compliant and reliable closure with outstanding compression set and low creep properties.
Mycap® is an ideal closure for most biopharmaceutical applications.

Protect from Product Loss

Purpose-built dip tube tip prevents suction during fluid removal. The subtle saddle shape ensures fluid removal down to the very last drop.

Direction Where You Need It

The Z-Flex Articulator is an elegantly simple design that is remarkably effective at keeping fluid inlet lines where they are needed or dip tubes away from other accessories in the bottle.

Intuitive and Simple Aseptic Disconnection

Quickseal® delivers simple and fast aseptic disconnection. Cut the collar to disconnect a filled bottle and seal the tubing in one simple step. Mycap® closures combined with Quickseal® disconnection provide a reliable system for critical fluid-management processes.

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Secure Manifolds

Stopcock valve assemblies are compact, have integral valves for precise directional fluid flow control and reduce the number of connection points. The manifolds have Luer fittings and a Luer lock accessory to resist unscrewing, bringing a new level of security to stopcock valve assemblies.

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An Advanced Closure System

Making the Most of Mycap®

Selected Applications

Mycap® assemblies are well-suited for most biopharma, vaccine or cell and gene therapy applications where closed, aseptic fluid handling is required. Explore below to learn more about the targeted applications for Mycap® single-use assemblies.

Aseptic Sampling

Mycap Bottle Closures

Aseptic Sampling

Small bottles and centrifuge tubes are ideal for sample collection, and the integral tubing and secure silicone seal of Mycap® prevent contaminations and false positives. 

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Media and Buffer Preparation

Media and Buffer Preparation

Bottles with Mycap® closures, either singles or manifolds, are the preferred containers for collecting and storing media or buffer. The dip tube tip gets the last drop of media out.

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Bioreactor Feeds

Bioreactor Feeds

Tubing of a Mycap® closure with dip tube can be aseptically welded or connected to tubing from a bioreactor, providing an aseptically closed feed system to transfer acid, base and other supplements.

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Small Volume Mixing System

Small Volume Mixing System

Add a Mycap® closure to bottles and flasks equipped with a magnetic stir bar to benefit from aseptic fluid-handling in your small-scale mixing system. Both standalone and fully assembled Mycap® solutions are available.

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Drug Product Freeze and Thaw

Drug Product Freeze and Thaw

Add Mycap® to bottles and carboys used for freeze/thaw operations to dramatically improve filling and draining by making each an aseptically closed system and liberating the process from the confines of biosafety cabinet.

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