Biosealer® TC Aseptic Tube Sealing Device

Automated Aseptic Thermoplastic Tubing Disconnection 

Progressive biomanufacturing processes require advanced tools to reliably disconnect components. The Biosealer® Total Containment (TC) is an automated heat sealer for disconnecting thermoplastic tubing in an aseptic operation maintaining sterile fluid paths. The Biosealer® TC handles disconnections between disposable assemblies used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes and individual components of assemblies, even in non-sterile environments, while maintaining the product’s sterility. 

  • Use tube sizes from 1/4" to 1" OD — no accessory needed
  • Dry, wetted or liquid-filled tubes

Preset for sealing up to 6 sizes of the industry’s 5 most-used TPE tubing types*

  • Lightweight
  • Goes with operator to disconnection site
  • Use in tabletop or hanging mode
Highly Stable
  • 20 mm wide seal for robust disconnection
  • Operator uses embedded cutting guide for scissor snip

Discover the Simplicity of the Biosealer® TC

The Biosealer® TC simplifies heat-sealing with a user-friendly portable design, highly stable thermal seals and a new level of flexibility. See the video to learn how the Biosealer® TC enhances thermoplastic tube-sealing.

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Market-Leading Sealing Performance

Versatile Automated Sealing Device

The Biosealer® TC automated sealing device provides a simple, flexible, and fast solution for making sterile disconnections across all biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. It can be used on disposable bags, unit operations and single-use tubing assemblies and can seal wet, dry or liquid-filled tubing.

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Biosealer® TC Aseptic Sealing Device

Intuitive user interface

Selecting the tubing material and size to be sealed is very easy using Biosealer® TC touch screen. Operators are then guided in a step-by-step process displayed on the screen.

Variety of qualified materials

Compatible with Tuflux® TPE, C-Flex® 374, AdvantaFlex®, Sanipure™ BDF™ and PharMed® BPT.

Variety of tube sizes and conditions

Has 1/8" × 1/4" up to 3/4" × 1" (ID × OD) capability, including liquid-filled conditions, no accessory needed.


The Biosealer® TC is lightweight and can be operated on a table or while hanging. Plus, the Biosealer® TC is portable and can be moved to where the sterile disconnection is desired. 

Stable sealing

The Biosealer® TC offers a wide 20 mm seal for more robust disconnection. In addition, a cutting guideline embedded into the seal ensures operators can make a clean cut with scissors.

Four Easy Steps to a Strong Seal

Step 1

Insert TPE Tubing

Insert the TPE tubing in the device where the sterile disconnection is desired.

Step 2

Press Start

One click on the touch screen is sufficient to start the sealing process. Just follow the instructions displayed.

Step 3

Remove TPE Tubing

When the sealing process is complete, the lid automatically reopens.

Step 4

Cut the Sealed TPE Tubing

After visual inspection of the sealing, use scissors to cut through the guideline on the sealed tubing. Done!

Biosealer® TC Applications

Disconnect With Flexibility

Biosealer® TC can seal wet, dry or liquid-filled tubing in non-classified and classified environments while maintaining product sterility.

Disconnect at Every Step

From small-scale upstream processes to final filling applications in large commercial productions, the Biosealer® TC adapts to changing disconnection needs.

Disconnect Across Applications

Create sterile seals for cell line development, cell and gene therapeutics and the production of mAbs, vaccines, and biosimilars.

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Biosealer® TC Components, Accessories and Services

Maximize sealing ability and smooth operations with useful accessories. Regular Sartorius service maintains peak performance.

Biosealer® TC System

The Biosealer® TC is a robust, flexible and easy-to-use device that generates sterile TPE tubing disconnections.

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Ensure top Biosealer® performance with a temperature calibration kit.
Enhance the device’s portability with a 3 m extension cable.

Instrument Services

Regular maintenance by Sartorius service engineers ensures top performance. Qualified services are available for GMP environments.

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*Including Tuflux® TPE, C-Flex® 374, AdvantaFlex®, SaniPure™ BDF ™ and PharMed® BPT   . C-Flex®, SaniPure™ and PharMed® are registered trademarks of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation. AdvantaFlex® is registered trademark of AdvantaPure.