Single-Use Tubing and Assemblies 

Efficiently Transfer Fluids Across Your Process Steps

Single-use assemblies for fluid transfer are an essential, yet often overlooked, element of modern biomanufacturing processes. Tubing assemblies are critical for transfers between single-use and hybrid systems and between cleanroom or isolator walls. Sartorius' solutions meet your needs by building on more than 20 years of experience in designing single-use fluid management systems.

Protect Valuable Process Fluids

Meet critical process requirements with product quality testing services.

Increase Operator Efficiency

Unburden operators from assembling components with ready-to-use solutions.

Accelerate Time to Market

Speed up drug approval with comprehensive product validation packages and industry expertise.

Build Customized Solutions

Design process-specific single-use assemblies using an extensive component library or trust Sartorius’ expert design team.

Sartorius offers a range of pre-designed single-use assemblies, as well as an extensive component library to customize standard designs to meet your specific requirements.

Sartorius continuously updates a comprehensive component library to reflect evolving industry needs, and the company builds world-class relationships with suppliers to ensure all components meet the highest quality standards. Sartorius also stays current with the most up-to-date regulatory standards by actively participating in worldwide consortia and associations.

Linkit® AX Aliquoting Solution

Designed to address the pain points of manual filling and aliquoting applications, without heavily investing in big and complex equipment. This patented aseptic solution directs fluid from a peristaltic pump into
10 Flexsafe® bags for simultaneous, and fast filling.

  • Plug and play concept
  • Simple handling minimizes efforts and errors
  • Distribution accuracy of ±5%

Explore Linkit® AX Aliquoting Solution

Tubing Assemblies

Robust, sterile and ready-to-use Tubing Assemblies enable flexibility in all process steps. Select a predesigned single-use tubing set or rely on Sartorius experts to configure your designs from an extensive component library, which includes components characterized and validated for specific process conditions. 

  • Ready-to-use solutions for all process steps
  • Extensive component library and product experts
  • Validation packages and services

Explore Tubing Assemblies

Tuflux® Tubing

Sartorius designed its Tuflux® Silicone and TPE tubing to deliver low extractable profiles that adhere to industry expectations for cleanliness and safety.  

  • Outstanding purity for the most crucial applications
  • Easy validation of Tuflux® tubing in a process
  • Wide range of industry-standard sizes available to meet demanding timelines 

Explore Silicone and TPE Tubing

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