Opta® SFT Aseptic Tube Connectors

Opta® SFT Aseptic Tube Connectors

Connect with Simplicity, Flexibility and Reliability

Biopharmaceutical processes demand fast, reliable and sterile connections for fluid transfer. The Opta® SFT single-use connector is designed to form a sterile connection between two pre-sterilized components. Quick and easy to use, Opta® connectors are extensively validated and backed by 100% in-house integrity testing. The Opta® SFT is available as a standalone component for end-user assembly with silicone or TPE tubing or can be pre-designed into a single-use assembly.

Opta® SFT Aseptic Connectors

Biopharmaceutical operations at small and large scale depend on secure sterile connections for transferring fluids. Opta® SFT aseptic connectors are easy to use, adaptable for hybrid and single-use operations, and backed by validation testing and quality assurance. The simple 3-click operation ensures consistent results with every use. 

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High Level of Security

Connector couplings sealed with sterilizing-grade PES membrane, allowing for sterile fluid transfer in non-classified and classified environments.

Increased Reliability

A 3-click operation ensures fast, repeatable and consistent operation.

Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Male and female connector couplings make it possible to design flow direction into your process, preventing mistaken connections.

Assured Integrity

Connectors are 100% integrity tested to assure the highest quality for sterile fluid transfer.

Opta® SFT Connectors

Opta® SFT Aseptic Tube Connectors

Type of connection



Yes – Male and Female

Tube material compatibility

Silicone and TPE


1/4" up to 3/4" tube inner diameter (ID)

Sterilization modes

Gamma irradiation or autoclaving

Opta® SFT Connectors for Easy and Reliable Sterile Liquid Transfer  

Opta® SFT connectors can be integrated into Sartorius fluid management assemblies and are available individually for end-user assembly with silicone tubing or TPE tubing and autoclave sterilization.

  • Single-use and disposable 
  • Operator-friendly ergonomic design
  • Available as standalone version or pre-assembled 
  • Hose barb design optimized for silicone or TPE tubing 
  • All hose barb connections extensively qualified for assembled products

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Connect with Confidence

6 Steps and 3 Clicks to Aseptic Connection

With Opta® SFT connectors, operators perform 6 steps, signaled by 3 clicks, to assure consistent aseptic connections every time.

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Step 1

Remove protective caps by pulling on the bottom flaps.
Retract the collar that is fixed on the female connector to prepare for assembly.

Step 2

Slide male and female connectors together until the two pins of the male connector “click”  into place.

Step 3

Join the grippers at the bottom of each membrane tape together. The grippers should also “click”  into place.

Step 4

Holding the grippers perpendicular to the connector bodies, rotate the device 90° so the membrane is in the horizontal position.

Step 5

With the handle in one hand, gently remove the membrane horizontally with the other hand.

Step 6

Slide the collar that has been retracted back in place and turn it clockwise until the lock “clicks”  into place.

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