Quickseal® — Reliable Aseptic Disconnection

Quickseal® aseptic disconnectors simplify critical fluid management by making aseptic disconnection fast and secure. Quickseal® collars are available for an array of tubing materials covering the range of tube internal diameters from 1/8" (3.2 mm) to 3/4" (19.0 mm). Extensively tested, Quickseal® is ideally suited for most applications in biopharmaceutical, vaccine and cell and gene therapy production.  

Fast Disconnection Time

Seal and disconnect in less than 5 seconds on a wide range of tube sizes and materials. 

Intuitive Operation

Disconnect in one step — just cut the collar. Simple operation reduces risk of error. 

Secure and Trusted Seal

Testing validates that the aseptic seal is stronger than the tube, ensuring reliability.

Simple Working Principle

Quickseal® disconnectors combine simplicity and speed to create an aseptic seal in a range of tube sizes and materials. Watch this video to see the product in action.

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Secure and Aseptic Disconnections

Aseptic Connector & Disconnector

Quickseal® Cutting Tools

Two fully portable cutting tools make disconnection at the point of use easy and efficient. The manually operated handheld tool cuts collars up to 1/4" (6.4 mm) outer diameter. The battery-powered handheld tool cuts all other sizes.

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Simple Implementation

Quickseal® collars are installed on commonly used platinum-cured silicone or thermoplastic elastomers. The collar does not contact the drug product or fluid.

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Protection after Disconnection

Quickseal® protective caps can be installed to shield a cut collar after disconnection — protecting the seal, gloved hands or other single-use systems.

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Aseptic Disconnections in Application

Quickseal® Benefits in Use

Quickseal® aseptic disconnection is well-suited for most single-use assemblies and is fast, simple, and reliable.

Aseptic Sampling

Perform fast and simple sampling with a Quickseal® validated closure, designed for superior reliability.

Fluid Transfers

Quickseal® disconnectors support a range of sizes and tubing, making them useful for aseptic disconnection after small- or large-volume transfers.

Filling Applications

Use Quickseal® to quickly and easily disconnect containers after filling, accelerating and simplifying operations. 

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