Final Filling

Single-use Transfer and Filling Solutions in Barrier Isolated Filling Lines

Improve Your Patient Safety

With our range of single-use technologies for final filling, you can reduce the risk of microbial ingress, product cross contamination and improve your patient safety. The main sources of contamination are the human interventions, the transfer of primary packaging components and the assembly of the sterile fluid path for final filling. The use of isolators combined with single-use and ready to use transfer and filling solutions reduce these sources and significantly increase the safety of your final filling process.

Biosafe® Simplifies Your Transfer of Closure Components

Secure Your Aseptic Transfer

With the robust design and proven performance of the Biosafe® RTP system (Rapid Transfer Port) you can secure and simplify the transfer of your components, monitoring tools and liquids into your isolated line. Biosafe® bags exits in RTU (Ready to Use) and RTS (Ready to Sterilize) options that already contains your stoppers from your supplier and in RTF(ready to fill) option for processing your stoppers at your facility.

Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Equipment

Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Single-Use Bags

SART System™ Enables a Sterile Liquid Transfer

Secure Your Drug Product Transfer

The SART System™, a smaller footprint RTP system (Rapid Transfer Port), preserves the integrity of your isolator and creates a sterile transfer of your drug product. The reduced footprint of the SART System™ meets the challenge of ergonomic optimization around your formulation or filling isolator from clinical to commercial-scale operations.

SART System™ Port

Gammasart ATD™ connector

OctoPlus FF® Simplifies The Setup of Your Filling Line

Secure Your Final Filling:

OctoPlus FF® provides a completely single-use alternative to traditional stainless steel “break tank “or “buffer tank” systems in a wide range of applications. OctoPlus FF® can be configured with a large variety of components and connectors.

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Biosafe® a Safe and Easy to Use Solution

For Fast Aseptic Transfer of Closure Components

With the robust design and proven performance of the Biosafe® RTP system you can secure and simplify the transfer of your components. The multiple configurations available will match your need and overcome your contamination concerns associated to such a critical application.

Two Leaders, One Fully Integrated Solution With Bosch Filling Lines

Your Best Assurance of Performance with PreVAS:
Pre Validated, Pre Assembled, Pre Sterile

The collaboration between two expert companies, Syntegon (formerly Bosch) an expert in final filling and Sartorius a leader in single-use, makes you simplify the set up of your filling lines. The PreVAS eliminates cleaning, sterilization and assembling of final filling parts and can be installed on your filling line in less than 10 minutes.

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