Robust, Complete and Scalable Solutions for Frozen Storage and Shipment

Protect Bulk Drug Substance Through the Entire Freeze and Thaw Process 

The value of a bulk drug substance is not measured solely by the significant cost to manufacture the product — it is also measured by the purpose it will serve. For every frozen shipment, countless people rely on the drug substance or product arriving at full integrity. Ensuring this, requires continuous control across multiple transfers and many miles, while maintaining the desired temperature throughout lifecycle. If one step in the process introduces even the smallest risk, the integrity of the whole effort is compromised.

Sartorius offers a fully integrated family of products purpose-designed for the modern biopharmaceutical cold chain. From freezing containers to freeze-and-thaw systems to shippers, Sartorius can provide safe, reliable and adaptive frozen storage and shipping of drug substances.

Fluid Management Systems

Securing Sensitive Drug Substances in Freeze and Thaw

Product quality can be undermined without properly protecting sensitive biological products during freeze and thaw. Sartorius experts explain how advanced plate freezing technology and compatible sing...

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Quality Tested in the Real World

Frozen storage and shipping solutions from Sartorius have proven performance at hundreds of sites worldwide and are trusted to transport approximately 900,000 L of drug substance each year.

Support of a Global Network

With Sartorius, frozen storage and shipping is reliable even in an unpredictable world, thanks to a global network of production facilities assuring supply and the support of engineers and experts worldwide.

Big Picture, Small Details

Sartorius measures success the same way manufacturers do — not in the performance of individual parts, but by the overall performance and outcomes of the end-to-end freeze and thaw process.

Frozen Storage & Shipping Solutions by Scale


Lab Scale Solutions

More predictive and scalable results for freeze/thaw process development

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Commercial Scale Solutions

Consistent freeze/thaw performance to support industrial-scale operations

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Managing Frozen Transfer Logistics in the Biopharmaceutical Cold Chain

Download this whitepaper to understand the importance of a robust biopharmaceutical cold chain and discover the unique solutions you need to ensure the security of your biologic.

  • Explore the logistical challenges involved in cold chain transport and learn how to overcome them
  • Learn the critical drivers for solution selection by biologic, developmental phase, and operations
  • Optimize your frozen transport logistics with our strategies for reliable decision-making

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