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Service life cycle management is a critical element when purchasing your equipment. It does not matter what industry you are in, pharma, biopharma, university, or food & beverage; proper life cycle management starts with the proper installation of the equipment and basic user training, which is followed by routine preventative maintenance visits. These services will increase the longevity of the unit, while reducing downtime while limiting product lost.

Sartorius Instrument Services - Ensuring Compliance, Reproducibility and Reliability of Your Results

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Trust That Spans the Globe

We serve customers around the globe – with service contracts and a full range of services and training courses, just right to suit every need. Together with you, we will find the best service solution for your system, your instrument, and your equipment. So you can protect the quality of your results throughout your manufacturing process, all the way to the very last step.

Sartorius Service Voices

Marcelo Palomo, Service technician, Brazil

Diagnostic laboratory | Preventative Maintenance

Relatively long downtimes are time-consuming and costly. With a Sartorius maintenance contract, my customer will have the peace of mind knowing that his equipment will remain up and running at peak performance.

Martin Asche, Service technician, Germany

University research laboratory | Installation & Commissioning

Aspiring scientists put their heart and soul into their research projects. That's why I enjoy taking care the professional installation of their equipment so they can get started with their new projects right away.  

Christina Peczenij, Service Sales Specialist, United States of America

Commercial Manufacturing | Preventative Maintenance

When downtimes occur, it can be very frustrating and result in lost money and wasted time in several departments. That's why I recommend that my customers sign a preventive maintenance contract.

Harald Wehe, Service technician, Germany

Analysis laboratory | Calibration

Always be perfectly prepared for the next quality audit. Our accredited calibration service will eliminate the surprise factor, saving you lots of trouble down the road due to non-conforming equipment.

Kevin Wang, Service technician, Shanghai

Clinical Phase | Qualification

We are optimally prepared to visit each of our customers. Moreover, we regularly attend training seminars on product qualification and know each customer's system inside out.

Marco Fuentes, Service technician, Mexico

Process Development | Installation & Commissioning

My customer wants his operators to receive thorough training to ensure everything runs smoothly. So I am more than happy to train them.

Professional Support When You Need It

Our team is on hand to provide technical guidance and support in the unlikely event that instrument problems might arise. We conveniently manage the logistics to quickly provide you with original spare parts if needed.

If you have questions about our service offerings or are in need of technical support, we are here for you. Just provide detailed information in our contact form, and we will promptly get in touch with you.


Metrological White Paper Bundle

With its series of white papers that will gradually be compiled into a Best Practice Guide: Lab Weighing, Sartorius provides practical answers to the most important questions and issues revolving around the subject of weighing in the laboratory.

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