Aseptic Sampling & Containers

Reliable Solutions for Sample Collection or Fluid Transfer and Storage

Sartorius offers a complete line of solutions for sample collection or for transferring small volumes of fluids to storage. TakeOne® sampling solutions integrate with stainless steel and single- use applications and incorporate process enabling technologies and configurations that significantly expand sample taking capacity.    
A broad range of collection containers includes bags in a variety of film materials, as well as bottles and tubes that feature our robust Mycap® aseptic bottle closures.

Single-Use and Stainless Sampling Solutions

Devices and collection containers for any process step or application, from R&D through GMP manufacturing.

A Wide Range of Bag Films and Rigid Containers

Different fluid contact materials and container formats to accommodate various process fluids, assay types and handling preferences.

Individual and Multi-Container Options

An array of individual containers and multi-bag or bottle manifold options to meet your day-to-day process needs.

Sampling Plan Overview

Types of Assays Commonly Performed by Bioprocess Manufacturing Phase

Sampling is used to confirm manufacturing processes are well controlled, ensuring the identity, quality, strength, and purity of in-process materials.

pH / Cond / Osmol




Bioburden & Archivin



Media | Buffer





Cell Culture |














Drug Product






correct balance | concentration

cell count | viability

nutrient | gas

concentration | purity

contamination | sterility

regulatory limits check

virus | by-products

Selecting the Right Solution

Take the Complexity Out of Sample Planning and Small Volume Fluid Handing

TakeOne® and Mycap® offer a wide range of container formats, volumes and  fluid contact materials so you can select the right container for your application.  Optimal container selection is be based on a variety of factors like: process step, sample analysis type, assay sensitivities, material compatibility,  fluid value, handling preferences and volume.  Proper selection can improve the accuracy of test results while decreasing cost per sample and lost product.  Contact us for more detailed information.

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Product Overview

TakeOne® Solutions for Single-Use

Plan and adapt with TakeOne® Flex aseptic sampling solutions.  A complete portfolio of individual or manifolded collection containers, that are installed aseptically onto your single use assemblies.  TakeOne® Flex products provide endless flexibility to your sampling program and enable you to efficiently sample the right volume, in the right location, at the right time.

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TakeOne® Solutions for Stainless Steel

Not all samples are equal — upstream and downstream processes have quite different sampling needs.

TakeOne® aseptic sampling solutions have been designed to integrate seamlessly with stainless steel biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes and can be used for sterility, bioburden, endotoxin testing or routine process monitoring.

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Mycap® Aseptic Bottle Closures

Mycap® is a one-piece, ready-to-use and single-use aseptic fluid transfer system for ridged containers, removing uncertainty and easing validation. 
Every Mycap® closure features a secure, platinum-cured silicone seal across a diverse range of configurations.  Available pre-sterilized with container affixed (individual containers or multi-bottle manifolds) or non-sterile and ready to install on your own bottle and autoclaved. 

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Confidence® Validation Services

Confidence® proves the resistance and integrity of the containers under real and/or simulated shipping conditions

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Tubing Sets and Assemblies

A comprehensive portfolio of standard and custom tube sets for transfer, distribution or filling of in-process fluids.

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Application Note

Aseptic Sampling Best Practices - Endotoxin Binding Affinity

PDF | 512.6 KB
White Paper

The Importance of Aseptic Sampling Devices in a Bioburden Reduction Strategy

PDF | 390.9 KB

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