Aseptic Disconnections

Adaptable, Reliable Solutions for Disconnection

As biomanufacturing increasingly adopts single-use solutions, reliable disconnections are critical for maintaining closed systems. Process integrity and operator safety depends on the technology. Plans to aseptically disconnect these systems must be part of the overall process plan to ensure proper containment. 

Simplicity for Intuitive Operation

User-friendly design based on years of customer feedback and experience.

Flexibility for Complete Control

Varied disconnection options to meet customers’ containment, cost and critical process needs.

Agility for Speed to Market

Scalable thermal and mechanical disconnection technologies ease adoption of single-use technologies from R&D to commercial processes.

Disconnect With Confidence

Sartorius offers a complete portfolio of disconnection technologies for single-use systems and unit operations. By matching process needs with disconnection technology capabilities, biomanufacturers can streamline and protect valuable process fluids. Review the solutions below to understand the range of options available.

Biosealer® TC




Quick Couplers

Type of connection






Maintains Sterility in Non-classified Environments







1-4 mins

45 secs

5-10 secs

1 min

< 30 sec

Cost per Connection

$ *

$$ **

$$ **



Fluid contact materials (aside from tubing)




Polyethylene, gasket & cap

Polycarbonate/ Polysulfone 

Typical tubing material

TPE Only

TPE / Silicone

TPE / Silicone

TPE / Silicone


Size range

1/4" – 1" OD

1/4" – 3/4" OD

1/8" — 1.125" OD

1/8" — 1" ID

1/8" — 3/4" ID

Process flexibility

As needed, with no pre-defined location 

As needed, with no pre-defined location

Pre-designed in SU assembly

Pre-designed in SU assembly

Pre-designed in SU assembly

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* Requires initial capital expenditure
** Requires a small hand tool

Biosealer® TC For Robust and Consistent Sealing

The Biosealer® TC is an automated sealer for aseptic disconnection of thermoplastic tubing. This innovative technology allows sterile disconnection of dry or liquid-filled TPE tubing from 1/4" to 1" outer diameter. The Biosealer® TC seals TPE tubes by thermally bonding the tubing, ensuring a high level of stability for sterile disconnection.

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Clipster® Aseptic Disconnectors

The Clipster® range of disconnectors allows fast and reliable aseptic disconnection in biopharmaceutical manufacturing operations. Its unique design allows unplanned disconnections at the point of use.

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Quickseal® Aseptic Disconnectors

Quickseal® disconnection is a simple one-step cut technology to form an aseptic seal. Quickseal® collars are pre-installed on silicone or thermoplastic elastomer tubes, giving clear instructions where to cut.  

Explore Quickseal®

How to Mitigate Risks With Disconnection Redundancies

Learn about the importance of building disconnection technology redundancies into the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process to mitigate risks and disruptions.

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Qualifying Disconnection Technologies

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