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An evaluation of chromatography technologies requires multiple layers of decision-making. Based on the characteristics of the molecule you’re isolating and purifying, there are questions about the most suitable method, or chemistry, and the most suitable format for the stationary phase. Choosing the best solution from the start will streamline process development, scale-up, and commercialization of chromatography processes. And making this choice is easier when you work with a supplier offering a comprehensive portfolio of membranes, resinsmonolithscolumns, and systems combined with deep expertise in the separation and purification of complex biomolecules.

Sartorius chromatography solutions cover the full range of separation technologies and methodologies available to accommodate any process and any molecule regardless of size and unique characteristics.

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Узнайте из первых рук, каким образом Sartobind® Rapid A обеспечивает десятикратное увеличение производительности благодаря новой хроматографической мембране. Узнайте больше о возможностях масштабируемости продукта от разработки процесса до коммерческого производства и о том, как преодолеть ограничения, связанные с технологией захвата моноклональных антител.

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Explore the Range of Sartorius Chromatography Solutions


For traditional column chromatography capture and polishing  steps:

  • Appropriate for affinity, ion exchange and mixed-mode methods
  • Ideal for monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins
  • Can save time and reduce costs by eliminating dilution and adjustment steps

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Unique, single-unit structures for preparatory/analytical applications and immobilization screening:

  • Offers wide  range of ligands for capture and polishing
  • Appropriate for affinity, IEX, HIC, and mixed-mode methods
  • Ideal for large biomolecules (e.g., viruses, nucleic acids, and exosomes)

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Known for high throughput in capture and polishing steps for IEX, HIC, and affinity methods:

  • Preferred for DNA, HCP, endotoxin removal, and virus clearance in flow-through mode
  • High productivity with a scalable device format
  • Capsule and cassette formats eliminate need for packing hardware

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Sartorius Expertise Spans Chromatography Chemistries

Ion Exchange

IEX plays a key role in capture and purification steps:

  • Separates biomolecules based on differences in net charge at a particular pH
  • Allows high-speed processing without sacrificing capability
  • An established, industry-proven method

IEX Chromatography

Hydrophobic Interaction

HIC is regarded as a more precise purification step:

  • Separates molecules based on differences in surface hydrophobicity
  • Powerful aggregate removal
  • Ideal for use after elution with high salt concentrations (e.g., IEX)

HIC Chromatography


Affinity offers a highly specific interaction between a target molecule and its ligand:

  • Single-step reduction of major contaminants
  • High binding capacities in a variety of selectivities
  • Purifies a variety of biomolecules including recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and mRNA

Affinity Chromatography


Multimodal separation can achieve higher selectivity and purity in a single step:

  • Ideal for novel biopharmaceutical targets such as nanobodies, plural-specific mAbs, and fusion proteins
  • Matrices scalable from benchtop to commercial manufacturing

Mixed-Mode Chromatography

Featured Chromatography Consumables

Sartobind® Rapid A

Sartobind® Rapid A is a disposable plug-and-play solution. It boosts productivity 10x by using rapid cycling one-batch, one-membrane approach.

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Sartobind® Q

Sartobind® Q is a strong basic anion exchanger with quaternary ammonium as ligand. This membrane is provided in ready-to-use devices.

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Hypercel Star AX

Hypercel Star AX is a salt-tolerant anion exchanger with a primary amine as functional group.

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CIMmultus® QA

Strong anion exchanger for purification of gene therapy vectors. Easy to scale from bench to commercial manufacturing. Re-usable.

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Sartobind® Phenyl

Sartobind® Phenyl is a membrane used in hydrophobic interaction chromatography. It effectively reduces aggregates in flow-through mode.

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CMM Hypercel Mixed Mode Resins

Hydrophobic cation exchanger recommended for the capture of antibodies, antibody fragments, and recombinant proteins.

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CIMmultus® Oligo dT18

Affinity purification of mRNA – captures mRNA by the poly-A tail. Easy to scale from bench to commercial manufacturing. Re-usable.

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A Leader in Process Chromatography Solutions

From the introduction of Sartobind® membranes more than two decades ago to the present day, Sartorius has established itself as an industry leader in process chromatography. Our portfolio encompasses multiple purification techniques and formats, and our experts will help you make the best choice to meet your demands for flexibility, productivity, and cost-efficiency. Count on Sartorius for:

Virus clearance validation services

Служба валидации Confidence® для очистки от вирусов

Валидация уровня очистки вирусов, достигнутого при использовании Virosart® HF нашими экспертами из службы валидации Confidence®:  очистка вирусов и профессиональная экспертиза.

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