affinity chromatography

Broad Matrix Range for Efficient, Scalable Biomolecule Purification

Affinity Chromatography

Affinity chromatography offers a highly specific interaction between a target molecule and its ligand. This interaction reduces major contaminants to a low level within a single step. Sartorius offers multiple affinity chromatography matrices with high binding capacities, in a variety of selectivities to purify recombinant proteins, albumin, enzymes coagulation factors (ATIII), plasminogen, growth hormones, monoclonal antibodies, and mRNA.

Full scalability

Affinity matrices scalable from benchtop to commercial manufacturing

Superior purification

Affinity ligands achieve high purity for a broad range of molecules

High productivity

Plug-and-play chromatography matrices allow high-speed processing without sacrificing capacity

Choose the Right Affinity Matrix for Your Application

Chromatography matrices are not one-size-fits-all. Choosing the matrix best suited for your application will ensure streamlined process development, scale-up, and manufacturing without sacrificing purification performance.




Range of ligands

Heparin, lysine, blue dye

Protein A 


Multi- or single-use




Ease of use

Bulk material
(easy packing columns)



Key applications




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High-Capacity Affinity Resins

Find the Right Solution for Your Affinity Chromatography Process

Sartorius offers multiple affinity chromatography resins with high binding capacities in a variety of selectivities to purify recombinant proteins, albumin, enzymes coagulation factors (ATIII), plasminogen and growth hormones.

Heparin HyperD®

Lysine HyperD®

Blue Trisacryl® M


Coagulation factors (ATIII), growth hormones and enzyme purification

Plasminogen, recombinant protein and glycoprotein purification

Albumin, enzymes, recombinant proteins and purification

Dynamic binding capacity (10 % BT)

> 25 mg/mL


> 10 mg/ml

Average particle size

80 µm

70 µm

60 µm

Working pH range

3 –13

3 –13

1 – 10

Operating pressure

<3 barg (44 psig)

<3 barg (44 psig)


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Heparin HyperD®

Heparin HyperD® M resin is suited for the purification of heparin-binding proteins like coagulation factors, growth hormones, lipoproteins, and DNA/RNA processing enzymes.

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Lysine HyperD®

Lysine HyperD® affinity resin is used for the purification of lysine-binding proteins such as plasminogen. It provides high protein-binding capacities at high flow rates.

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Blue Trisacryl® M

Blue Trisacryl® M is an affinity resin used for the purification of enzymes, interferons, and some coagulation factors as well as for the removal of albumin. The resin uses Trisacryl® based beads which carry the blue dye ligand.

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Affinity Membranes

Sartobind® Rapid A

Goodbye column packing, hello Sartobind® Rapid A. Meet a unique scalable, highly productive membrane platform for mAb capture.   

Sartobind® Rapid A changes the game for mAb capture with a scalable, disposable and highly productive plug-and-play membrane. 

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Monoliths for Affinity Purification

Highly Specific Monolithic Affinity Purification

Monolithic columns combined with unique affinity ligands offer an unmatched solution for affinity purification of large biomolecules.

  • Channel sizes:  2 µm
  • Column volume: 1 mL – 8 L
  • Working range, pH: 2 - 13
  • Functionality: Thymine oligomer based affinity
  • Application:  mRNA

CIMmultus® Oligo dT – Affinity for RNA

  • Oligo dT ligands covalently bound to solid support

  • Hybridizes to poly-adenylated tail found on most eukaryotic mRNAs, or synthetized onto the molecule during IVT

  • Fast and efficient capture and purification of mRNA with a poly-adenylated tail, from various sources

  • Selectively removes impurities from samples

  • Convenient approach for initial purification of mRNA

  • Available with:

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