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Accurate Measurements on the Octet Platform

Without Added Sample Purification Steps

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Influenza Vaccine Titre Determination Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI)

Fast, accurate determination of vaccine titre during influenza vaccine manufacture is important in understanding process performance and...

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Advancing Development of Coronavirus Vaccines and Therapeutics

Advancing Development of Coronavirus Vaccine and Therapeutics

BLI Technology Plays a Vital Role in the Race for a SARS-CoV-2 Treatment

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Analysis of Fc-Gamma Receptor-IgG Interactions on Octet Platform

Whether you're assessing FcRn-Antibody or FcγR-IgG binding interactions, you need a high throughput, versatile, and easy to use solution.

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Cross Competition or Epitope Binning Assays on Octet HTX system

Read our newest Application Note to learn how the powerful Octet® HTX system is ideally suited to perform high throughput epitope binning/cross...

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Analysis of FcRn-Antibody Interactions on Octet Platform

Assay design recommendations and best practices for producing the highest quality of kinetic data.

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Characterizing Membrane Protein Interactions by Bio-Layer...

Example studies on how the Octet® system can be used to analyze membrane protein interactions, even allowing the use of unpurified crude matrices...

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Customized Quantitation of Recombinant Therapeutic Proteins

Using High Precision Streptavidin Biosensors (SAX)

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Label-free technologies for accurate determination of affinity and kinetics rate constants

Label-Free Technologies for Accurate Determination of Affinity and...

From target molecule identification to lead selection and optimization, equilibrium affinity and kinetics rate constants are critical parameters...

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MAb Quantitation Protein A HPLC vs Protein A Bio-Layer Interferometry

Rapid, accurate and cost-effective quantitation of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) is essential for bioprocessing.

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Modernize Biopharmaceutical Quality Control Testing

Quality control of biological products to support clinical trials and post market assay activities require the evaluation of multiple critical...

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Octet Potency Assay Development Qualification and Validation...

Real-time data on affinity and the kinetics of binding can provide useful information at every stage of biopharmaceutical reagent development.

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Quantitation of Fc-Fusion Protein in Cell Culture Supernatants

The cell line development group at Biogen IDEC needed a robust assay for the measurement of Fc-fusion protein (Protein 1) in crude cell culture...

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Screen Bispecific Antibody Using Protein A and His1K Biosensors

Rapid quantitative screening of bispecific antibodies using Protein A and HIS1K biosensors

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Validated Quantitation and Activity Assay of Fab Molecule for...

The group was able to develop a working Fab activity assay on the Octet RED system in less than a week. Relative to the overnight incubation and...

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Cross Competition or Epitope Binning Assays on Octet HTX system

Epitope binning through cross competition assays is a powerful tool in evaluating functional diversity in antibody clones.

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Automating Octet Assays for Ligand Screening

Drug development and production is challenging. Avitide, based in Lebanon, New Hampshire, provides on-demand development and supply of...

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Enhanced Efficiency in Lot Release and In-Process Testing of Biologics

Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) is an optical technique that analyzes the interference pattern of white light reflected from two surfaces: a layer...

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Streamlining Affinity Analysis for Accelerated Lead Screening

Antibody and other protein therapeutics are a major focus in drug discovery pipelines today. The overall process for developing protein...

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Writing Grant Proposals for Biomolecular Interactions Research

Grant writing can be a grind. You know how and why the funding is needed, but communicating that successfully sometimes seems like an art.

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Understanding Covid-19 Vaccine and Therapeutic Development Research

Understanding Covid-19 Vaccine and Therapeutic Development Research

Learn more about how Octet systems are used to advance Coronavirus research and vaccine development

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High productivity and process economy in GxP applications with Octet

Quantitation assays must show precision, accuracy, linearity, and reproducibility. To be used for GMP applications, they must be developed with...

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Label-Free Detection Technologies: Key Considerations and Applications

Binding interactions in biological samples are dynamic and driven by changes to the environment. The techniques used to characterize these...

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Octet Kinetics Assay Method Development Guideline

Aimed at developing kinetics binding assays to establish specificity, accuracy, precision, linearity and range as stipulated by the USP 1032...

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Recent Insights into Covid-19 Binding Epitorpes

Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) technology is helping scientists around the world learn more about the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. In...

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