The End of End-Point Assays White Paper

Aurthors: Stuart Knowling and Bob Dass, Senior Scientists


The determination of accurate kinetics, affinity, titer, and other critical quality attributes plays an increasingly important role in both up-stream and down-stream bioprocessing. It is important that any systems developed for these purposes match not only the high throughput needs of the user but also their sensitivity needs, allowing assays to be performed earlier in the workflow using minimal amounts of precious samples. This faster time-to results allows assessment of accurate and precise data earlier in the workflow and therefore quicker decisions can be made on lead candidates to promote.

Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) is widely used and accepted in research and assay development and has been rapidly adopted as an important analytical tool in laboratories that work with biological molecules, either as drug products, vaccines, or diagnostic reagents.

This white paper highlights the recent developments and performance of the three modular Octet® R series configurations with either 2, 4 or 8 channels and shows results demonstrating that all three configurations show similar performance in the quantitation and kinetics characterization of proteins as well as with protein-small molecules interactions. Unique to the Octet® R series is the ability to field upgrade your system configuration to the next modular level when required, allowing you to have full confidence that your system can grow with your future requirements.

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This White Paper Covers:

  1. Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) Technology Overview
  2. Modular Octet® R Series
  3. Quantitation Assay Setup for Performance Comparison
  4. Kinetics Performance Comparison of Small Molecules

Page Count: 10

Read Time: 15 min

Last Updated: July 1, 2022

Application Covered: Cell Line Development

The new Octet® R series consists of three different configurations that allows you to go from a 2-channel to 4-channel or 8-channel system from a single visit field upgrade. Among the R series, the Octet® R8 system offers the highest throughput, allowing you to analyze a 96-well plate in the least amount of time. The Octet® R4 system strikes the right balance between throughput and price, and the Octet® R2 system provides throughput at the most affordable price.

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