Lab Supplies for Coronavirus Testing, Air Monitoring, and Vaccine Research

To address the need for more insight into COVID-19 in line with CDC and WHO guidelines, we support your efforts with solutions for molecular testing (RT-PCR/ELISA), environmental testing, and other research workflows.

As this novel coronavirus rapidly spreads around the world, researchers are working at breakneck speed to develop and deploy the tests for SARS-CoV-2 necessary to identify and break the chain of infection, as well as find a treatment for COVID-19 to save human lives.

Sartorius is part of the solution. We aim to support those who are tirelessly working to keep the pandemic in check, with dedicated products and solutions to support you with:

  • Diagnostic workflows in testing labs
  • Environmental testing of airborne viruses in critical settings and infection hotspots
  • Lab tools and technologies for vaccine research.

Sartorius Solutions for COVID-19 Research

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Viral Vaccine Research Solutions

Innovative lab tools for viral vaccine research and development

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Virology Assays

Enabling deeper insights into host-pathogen biology and therapeutics development with advanced cell and protein analysis solutions

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Lab Supplies for COVID-19 Testing

Tools to support COVID-19 diagnostic testing protocols

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Environmental Testing

Supplies enable you to detect and monitor coronavirus in the air and wastewater

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Sartorius Solutions for COVID-19 Testing & Research Products

Sartorius COVID-19 Partner Program

Sartorius BioAnalytics is partnering with COVID-19 research groups to accelerate disease understanding and therapeutic development using our two unique platforms, the Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System and iQue3 Advanced Flow Cytometry.

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Learn how our customers are using the iQue® Advanced Flow cytometry platform and Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis system for their virology research or discover great case studies in Covid research.

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