mAb Lead Optimization

Before moving forward with your early drug candidates, you need deeper, more meaningful insights and information-rich data about their characteristics. You need data from your candidates, such as 

  • Minimal immunogenicity profile 
  • Target specificity, selectivity and optimal effector functions

Assess these properties of your mAb candidates with phenotypic and functional assays from Sartorius.


Challenges and Solutions for Developing New Monoclonal Antibodies

Unprecedented advances in medicine are delivering remarkable results for some patients. Recent approvals of CAR T therapies and new approaches in regenerative medicine, for example, exemplify Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) used for immunotherapy stimulate the immune system to mount a response to target antigens. These powerful therapeutics are being used to...

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Body Feed Filtration – the Novel Method for Rapid Harvesting of Mammalian Cell Cultures 

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Accelerating Nanobody Discovery Workflows with High-Throughput Flow Cytometry

In this webinar, Dr. Pieter Kennis discusses how nanobodies – small, single-domain antibody fragments that retain full antigen-binding capabilities and the properties of heavy-chain antibodies – and nanobody discovery and screening platforms exploit high-throughput flow cytometry to increase the throughput of nanobody screening campaigns.

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Accelerate Your mAb Discovery Workflow

iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

Functional Profiling

Perform multiplexed assays for functional analysis in antibody engineering/mutation/humanization screens with the iQue3.

Get a better indication of in vivo behavior by detecting target proteins in their native conformation on the cell surface.

Epitope Mapping: Rapidly detect and visualize epitope regions for hundreds of clones with high sensitivity, and validate your data with additional information on cell health and viability— all in one assay.

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Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Study your lead candidates at work!

Get detailed, multiplexed, functional and morphological insight on complex cell models with real-time, automated measurements of the dynamic interplay between immune and cancer cells, directly inside your incubator.

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Read the Article: Investigating New Cancer Therapy Candidates with Live-Cell Imaging

Octet® HTX

Use the BLI Octet® family of instruments to accurately measure kinetic constants by bringing the detection surface directly to the sample, eliminating the need for micro-fluidics. Screen more aggressively for enhanced developability/increased success. Use the high throughput Octet HTX to character multiple quantitative and kinetics parameters  and to confidently advance only the strongest candidates . Perform target specificity, contaminant testing, epitome binning and cross-reactivity studies all-in-one platform using the Octet instrument.

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Sartoclear® Dynamics Lab P15 and Lab V and Sartolab® Multistation

Quickly and easily prepare your clarified supernatant with your target molecule with Sartoclear® Dynamics, a simplified, small-scale, mammalian cell harvesting workflow for further analytics of your antibody lead candidates. 

Rapid and convenient clarification of high density mammalian cell cultures is often challenging. Our solution provides a single-step clarification and sterile filtration protocol--without clogging--that is 70% faster than traditional centrifugation.

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BioOutsource Testing Services

Physiochemical and Structural Analyses

Characterizing the inherent structural heterogeneity is an essential requirement of the development of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody. High and low molecular weight species, charge variants and post-translational modifications can all affect in vivo stability, loss of biological activity and produce unwanted immune effects.
Our team of experienced chemists can provide the support and advice required to ensure that these risks are managed by ensuring protein structure analysis and physiochemical analysis is performed at appropriate stages of the development of a therapeutic antibody.

Biological Analysis

Characterize the binding and functional activity of your biologic molecule with a range of cell-based binding and potency assays. Advance the development of your biosimilar with our comprehensive range of assays, available off-the-shelf for over 12 biosimilar target molecules.

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NEW: Delve deeper into the biology of T Cell Exhaustion with our new Human T Cell Exhaustion Cell and Cytokine Profiling Kit.

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Application Note: Rapid Mammalian Cell Harvest Without Centrifugation for Antibody Purification Using the Sartoclear Dynamics Lab Filtration System

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Application Note: Minimizing Syringe Filter Usage in Harvesting Monoclonal Antibodies from CHO Cell Culture Supernatants

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Application Note: Vivaflow® 200: A Critical Sample Preparation Tool for Concentrating Hybridoma Supernatants

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Concentration of Mammalian Cell Culture Supernatants with Vivaspin® Turbo 15 and Amicon® Ultra-15 Devices

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