Ultrapure Water Systems

Designed to Deliver Pure Performance

Ultrapure water is the basis for successful analyses. Yet analytical methods are becoming more and more sensitive and thus more susceptible to interference. Consistently high water quality is decisive in ensuring the reproducibility of your results and in preventing time-consuming repeat analyses.

The Arium® Ultrapure Water Systems offer an exceptionally wide range of modular-designed systems for producing Type I ultrapure water for chromatography, mass spectrometry and many more applications. 

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Arium® Smart Station in use

New: Arium® Smart Station Water Dispensing System

The most flexible solution for dispensing pure and ultrapure water

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Features & Benefits of Ultrapure Water

Reliable Processes Thanks to the Highest Water Quality

Low detection limits and sensitive analysis devices require laboratory-grade water with consistently high quality. You can always rely on the Arium® ultrapure water purification systems to provide you with reliable results for your critical and analytical applications. They meet the highest quality requirements and thus ensure the best reproducible results.

More Flexibility

The different modules of Arium® systems offer the perfect solution for every task in the laboratory. The display is positioned at eye level. You can set up the dispensing location exactly where you need it. Depending on your given space requirements, the system can be integrated as desired at any location within the laboratory.

Ultrapure Water Systems Product Portfolio

Sartorius Solutions for Ultrapure Water

Arium® Mini Ultrapure Water Systems

Compact laboratory water systems for 10 liters per day

  • Reliable - Delivers consistently high water quality for reliable and reproducible results
  • Intuitive - Touch-activated color display with direct access to all important dispensing options 
  • Innovative - With unique bagtank technology, depending on the type of system; saves time-intensive tank cleaning
  • Compact - Space-saving, with a width of only 28 cm

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Arium® Pro Ultrapure Water Systems

Application-orientated and flexible to meet the highest demands

  • Modular – System selection specifically for your application 
  • Consistent quality – Meet or exceed ASTM Type 1 water quality to increase sensitivity of analytical results
  • Easy to use – Display with touch function and intuitive menu
  • Fast – Favorites function with direct access for recurring volumes

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Ultrapure water for HPLC analysis application note

Ultrapure Water for HPLC Analysis

HPLC is an analytical procedure for separation, identification and quantification of substances using liquid chromatography. The beginnings of...

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Cannabis Testing: In-House Prepared Water as an Alternative to Bottled HPLC-Grade Water

In-House Prepared Water as an Alternative to Bottled Water

During cannabis testing, bottled HPLC-grade water is the standard. In-house produced water may be an equivalent and cost-effective alternative.

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Arium Ultrapure Water for Trace Analysis cover

Arium® Ultrapure Water for Trace Analysis

HPLC is an analytical procedure for separation, identification and quantification of substances using liquid chromatography.

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Water is Life cover

Water is Life: Ultrapure Water in Cell Cultivation

Water is a major component of all cell culture media and is therefore needed to prepare media, buffers, and additives, and as well as to serve...

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