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The Right Equipment and Consumables for Production and Quality Control in the F&B Industry

Safety first: Whatever beverage you produce – beer, wine, bottled water, softdrinks, or spirits - you cannot afford to compromise on quality. Sartorius helps you meet the industry’s growing challenges with ever-increasing levels of safety, process optimization and quality control as well as legislation demands. Easy-to-use, up-to-date, ready-to-go: We keep your business flowing.


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Sartorius Solutions for Different Food & Beverage Segments

Sartorius has several decades of experience in the food and beverage market and has developed a range of specific products, addressing the clarification, filtration and microbiological control steps along the differing beverage industry process chains, offering solutions from raw material to final finished product.

Soft Drinks

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Data Analytics

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Food and Ingredients

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Product Highlights

Microsart® Manifold

For the membrane filtration of production water, raw materials, in process samples and final end product undergoing microbiological quality control.

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Jumbo Star Sartopure® PP filters with pleated surfaces

Jumbo Star Sartopure® PP cartridges combine the highest filtration area on the smallest footprint on the market. Particle-rich beverages can be filtered with Jumbo Star cartridges that are easily and efficiently backwashed with water. This allows for a significant reduction of filtration area, filter consumption and overall costs for filtration.

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Single-Use Multi-Parallel Bioreactor, Fully Automated for Accelerated Process Development

A completely integrated high throughput system with easy to connect bioreactors and flexible software that enables scientists to manage many experiments simultaneously, thus reducing the cost per experiment.

Based on its fully featured bioreactor design the Ambr® 250 is ideal for scaling down processes and provides a step-change improvement in lab productivity.

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The Future of Food and Beverage Starts Here

Discover more on Sartorius Capabilities to serve the Food & Beverage Industry

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Microsart® Manifolds

Adaptable to your needs

For everyone working in the Quality Control of a beverage producing company: Discover the Microsart Manifolds from Sartorius as perfect choice for microbiological quality control of liquid samples.

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Nutrient Pad Sets

For Quality Control of Beverages and Water Samples

For everyone working in the Quality Control of a Beverage producing company: Discover the Nutrient Pad Sets from Sartorius as perfect choice for quality control of your beverages and water samples. 

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Features Resources

Podcast: Tips & Tricks Beer Quality Control

Quality control is imperative during beer production. In this podcast, learn effective tips and tricks for finding contaminant sources and new testing strategies to protect the process of you and your customers. Our experts discuss the most pressing quality control concerns facing breweries and highlight novel workflows and technologies to help overcome these challenges. Listen today and discover  how to increase efficiency and save valuable time in your beverage production processes.

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Quality Control of Wine Just Got Easier New Features for Increased Efficiency and Usability

Recently, Sartorius unveiled two new products to enhance microbiological hygienic quality in laboratories and significantly increase the shelf life of membrane filter technology, both of which play an important role in the quality control of wine and other beverages.

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Cannabis Testing

States which have passed laws permitting usage of medicinal and recreational cannabis products are also calling for rigorous testing of cannabis derivatives to ensure consumer safety. Discover solutions for your Cannabis QC lab.

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Tips and Tricks for Brewery Operations and Beer Quality Control

This webinar is a combined presentation of two experts from Sartorius with over 20 years of experience in the brewing industry.

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Venting Filters for Food and Beverage Applications

PDF | 5.5 MB

Get the Best Out of Your Quality Control

PDF | 4.3 MB

Holen Sie das Beste aus Ihrer Qualitätskontrolle heraus Effiziente und smarte Lösungen für die QC – vom Rohstoff bis zur Flasche

PDF | 5.3 MB

Optimisez votre Contrôle Qualité - Des solutions d’analyses simples et intelligentes pour le contrôle qualité des boissons, des matières premières jusqu’au produit fini

PDF | 4.4 MB

Opuscolo: Soluzioni eccellenti per bevande di alta qualità

PDF | 4.7 MB

Saque el máximo partido del control de calidad en pruebas para bebidas - Soluciones sencillas e inteligentes para el control de calidad de principio a fin

PDF | 4.8 MB

Obtenha o melhor do seu Controle de Qualidade em Testes de Bebidas- Soluções simples e inteligentes para o controle de qualidade do início ao fim

PDF | 5.7 MB
Quality Control Starter Guide for Breweries

Quality Control Starter Guide for Breweries

PDF | 800.1 KB


How Coca-Cola Bottlers Perform Microbiological QC Checks

PDF | 991.2 KB

Behind-the-Scenes at Coca-Cola: The Key to High-Quality Drinks and Happy Consumers

PDF | 570.8 KB


Improving Your Beverage Quality Control Process

PDF | 642.5 KB

Workflow poster Beverage QC: Beer process

PDF | 535.5 KB


Workflow poster Beverage QC: Wine process

PDF | 536.0 KB

Workflow poster Beverage QC: Soft Drinks process

PDF | 535.1 KB

Workflow poster Beverage QC: Spirits process

PDF | 541.4 KB

Workflow poster Beverage QC: Bottled water process

PDF | 544.8 KB

Beer Quality Control: Tips and Tricks for Your Microbiology and Analytical Lab

PDF | 4.3 MB

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