Forceps-Free, Effortless Membrane Transfer

Sterile Single-Use Filter Units and Touch-Free Membrane Transfer With Microsart® @filter and Microsart® @media

During the membrane transfer method for quantifying microbes, transferring the membrane filter onto an agar medium is a critical step that can be a source of secondary contamination and thus lead to false-positive results.

Our Microsart® @filter and Microsart® @media system have an integrated adhesive ring in the lid, which effortlessly affixes the membrane and positions it correctly on the agar plate. With a turn, it’s locked and ready to incubate. 

No forceps, no forces – it’s the “Magic Lid” that does the trick!

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The Microsart Manifold Improves the Workflow:

  • Adapt the Microsart@filter on the Microsart Manifold 
  • Filter the sample through Microsart@filter

  • Transfer the filter to the Microsart@media agar plate
  • Incubate and count after incubation
New - Microsart® @Filter PVDF

Do you need to test samples containing aggressive chemicals and adsorptive biological substances like antibiotics for microbial limit testing?

We have the answer for quantitative detection of microorganisms in aggressive or difficult-to-filter solutions.

Effortless Membrane Transfer with Microsart® @filter and Microsart® @media

Microsart® @media’s innovative, patented adhesive lid transfers the filter and positions it precisely on the agar plate to allow touch-free transfer of the membrane.

Microsart® @media’s convenient, liftable interior lid provides easy access to colonies after incubation.

Media comes sterile packaged, ready-to-use, and pre-filled, according to USP (<61>) and EP (2.6.12).

Filter base and gridded membrane comes combined with ready-to-use with 100 mL or 250 mL funnel.

The bayonet closure allows easy adjustments onto and removal from the stainless-steel manifold.

Use Microsart® @media and @filter with the Microsart® e.jet transfer pump and Microsart® manifold.

Fully autoclavable, 2-branch manifold Microsart® Combi.jet made of high-grade stainless steel.

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